Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Balloon Animals on a Walk

I've been making a lot of balloon animals lately. I think this balloon animals on a walk installment by gemmifer is pretty adorable! I wish I could find the link to the original source. But here's a tutorial just for fun.

Sorry I've not been blogging much... my pictures just aren't uploading for some reason, even my older posts pics are deleting... I've noticed this on other blogs I read as well. It's frustrating doing this among all of the other millions of things going on right now. Things should hopefully return to normal soon.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Inspired Fashion: Suspenders

miss indie did a wonderful blog post awhile back on suspenders. With fall accessories getting bigger and brighter this year, from huge ruffles, brooches, scarves, cowls, and such, I thought a throwback to the strealined, classic suspenders deserved an honorable mention. I wouldn't usually consider these to have a sexiness factor at all... until now. I have for sure seen these done in an overly trampy and punk way, but I feel that these examples have a sweet and almost endearing feel. Would you ever go out in a pair of suspenders?

Friday, October 15, 2010

Of Animals and Crisp Fall Mornings

 My mother and I use to live in a little old house up on a wooded hill. We had a frequent feral cat (who I took care of medically) named Ernie, I loved that skinny, striped orange guy with a crazy long nose and huge, slanted and inquisitive, endearing blazing green eyes, I was so sad when he stopped coming around. We had a roadrunner who loved to run across the road every time we drove on it. And we really loved this little baby fox that came around at nights. He or she kept a safe distance, but would come and sit with me outside a few feet away. I lov how butterflies are seen as summery creatures, but on our wedding day, 7 years ago in October, is was the Butterfly festival.

There is finally a little chill in the air. A bit of an autumn crisp in this warm state of Texas. But I ever so much welcome it as I stood outside, arms crossed, watching a squirrel jump from our pecan tree to the roof of the house and ponder, now I will have to force my young children to wear clothes every day.

It's been busy around here. You are now looking at a child entertainer, Princess Layla and Cookie the Clown of my little Ever After Entertainment side project to be exact. And on top of that, my mother is moving in with us this weekend so she can have surgery and recovery on some cervical herniated disks. It will be a good fall, just a crazy one. But this is the season for crazy, isn't it?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Homefront: Sparkly Halloween Mantel

Here it is, my Halloween mantle. My pretty white pumpkin fall mantle shown previously didn't last too long this time. I'm linked up to The Stories of A to Z Halloween mantle linky party.

Many of these items are from after Halloween sales for only 10 cents. I love how design problems inspire creativity. For instance, the witch's hat headband was put on top of the wreath to hide a white door hanger

These little glow in the dark bat toys look cute perched in the trees.

When helping unpack the decorations, my oldest (who is 4 1/2)  said, "She's ugly mommy! But I can still love her." I guess he has really been internalizing our talks on accepting people no matter what they look like!

Inspired Images: Gingerlilly Tea

My mind is always racing. Always trying to stay busy doing lots of stuff, though it's not entirely fulfilling, and only part of the time necessary. I really just need to calm the heck down and take a long moment to play with my boys. Maybe that will happen... tommorrow, on our long car ride, after I get a few things done.

These. images by Kerri-Anne of Gingerlillytea invoke that time-pausing playfulnes and wonderment that expands into each season and really needs to be re-adopted into my life (and possibly yours) right now. Please visit her affordable and lovely shop, flickr and blog. Which print speaks to you?

fairy clocks (what a sweet name for dandelions)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Homefront: Perfecting a Simple Front Yard

I thought I would do a little update on our new rental's yard. I posted here about how half of the plants were dead, and the roses were badly diseased, tree branches overgrown, weird growths around the trees... so, I did lots of pruning and transplanted a lot of the plants, but they all died anyways. I planted some flowers and the ornamental grasses, as well as some basil and cilantro seeds that are sprouting quite nicely. I love cooking with fresh herbs!

 That dirt area is where the herb seeds are.
**(edited to add, a huge rosemary, basil and cilantro bush are there now... and the rose bush came back!)

These pics were taken Labor Day weekend, so the flowers have grown a lot since then, but you get the idea! Amazing how getting rid of all of the disheveled looking plants in the garden and around the trees made the home feel much more cozy. It is really starting to feel like a 'home sweet home'.

For comparison's sake... before and after.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Few Pretties: It's all in the details

One thing I've noticed, is that these are some classic pieces, in muted, wearable colors and clean lines.
However, they each have an unexpected touch of feminine detail... a bow, a special angled pleated collar, an interesting placket... all things that can really make something pop, without being overly in your face.

I am a jeans and fitted v-neck tee kind of a girl, so while going through my closet, I realized I had a plethora of 'fancier' blouses and tops that I love that have all of these little special details, but I simply never wear. So, I'm going to challenge myself to actually go out once in a while in a nice, unexpected fashion piece.

I'm rearranging my closet to put these blouses up front and push some tee's back. Think you will try to implement some old/new little details to your wardrobe this fall?

vintage ellen kaye 50's wiggle dress with winged collar and dolman sleeves. ebay

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