Sunday, August 22, 2010

Homefront :Salvaging a Garden

Here it is. The yard. Amazingly, I've done a lot of work in it. And no, we do not have a lawnmower yet. This post is me showing you what I have and asking for lots and lots of help! First question: Those ivy things in pots were 50 cents apiece. Do they have to come inside, or can they stay outside in full sun?

Because our budget is limited, I am trying to find creative ways to garden. Considering the weird placement of plants, which looks even weirder with the blank spaces from all of the dead plants I pulled... I am considering pulling all of the plants around the trees and putting them in the garden area closer to the house. Screwed up Texan, I will be needing your advice, since you are familiar with the climate and  plants and all ...

These ornamental grass things were 1 cent for a planter of six. So, I spent 2 cents for twelve half dead plants.

My two minuscule roses have yielded about six flowers between them in the last 4 weeks. Unfortunately, they only last about two days, and the leaves are in pretty poor shape.

 "I'm here!" ~miniscule rose

 I thought those ornamental grasses shown above would look nice against this brick wall , where the two minuscule rose bushes and those three uneven smallish hedges dwell.

The little bushes have these green berry things on them, what kind of bush is that?  I'm thinking of removing those hedges and putting them somewhere else... or at least placing them evenly somehow. "scratches head'"

I got these moss rose little things. They are really pretty and my mil has some that are doing very well. I know they do well in containers, but I hope to put them in the garden. Trying to figure out a good spot. Suggestions?

The large rose bush next to the entry is in poor shape. The one next to it, is in so much despair, that it is laying sideways. I think I have seen maybe three roses between the both of them  in the last 3 weeks.

See how the large 'rose bush' it is growing on it's side? Can I remove it and plant it standing more upright? If I remove these two  rose bushes, (b/c I feel like they are in a weird place, where do I put them?) See the dried up looking lavender there between the roses?

The lavender (right?) flowers haven't been very bright, is that because the blossoms are dead? A few around the tree has just started to get some color back, but the ones in front of the rose bushes and the hedges are pretty dried up looking. Anyways, they are planted in random spots just on the very right and left of the hedge and around the backside of one tree.  I was considering pulling the ones from the tree and spreading them more evenly in front of the hedge.

Crazy, orange bugs like them apparently.

Speaking of the hedge... guess what I found under it and behind it? These succulent type things.

  I was thinking of maybe removing them and adding them to the garden next to the brick wall. But is the root system all weird now from all of the shoots that came up from the main plant, so I wouldn't be able to dig it up?  Do they prefer the shade, which is why they are under the hedge? I would love to have them actually, visible in the garden!

Now, time for the weirdness of the tree placement plants. Seriously, why is it all uneven? My ocd is going crazy. (I know I need to remove those pine needles... eye roll)

Hey little guy, what kind of plant are you? I see your root system is half sticking out of the ground. Too bad all of your friends died from that.

Hey there, are you a begonia? I can't tell because you are so dried up and shriveled. Poor thing.

Silver dust, one of my favorite plants of all time. All I can say, is, "I'm sorry".

What are these? Weed things? Shoots from trees? What to do with them? Plant in the garden, or pull them?

(This here tree on the far right, the other half has a whole bunch of dead and barren branches)

Speaking of trees... what kind of pine tree is this with the crazy cones?

What kind of tree produces these crazy seed pod things that my kids like to smash?

Well, there you have it. My yard, you know it intimately now. Any suggestions on placement or what I can do to maximize what I have with little cost would be most appreciated. I would love to get some more plants, maybe some flowers to add color to the hedge area and the walkway in front of the brick wall, but I want to move plants around first to utilize what is there already and save some money.

The type of landscaping we love most, are cottage style gardens with tall ornamental grasses, rocks, wild flowers, lots of growth and herbs such as cilantro, basil, chives, rosemary and such interspersed throughout. I would love honeysuckle or hydrangea and full rose bushes, though trying to stay away anything that climbs or needs a trellis, since we are renting and I don't know if they would approve of that. Lots of white flowers, with some different colors throughout, but not placed in pristine rows, varying heights. Something, free and unscripted. Like me.


Jessica said...

I have the worst green thumb on the planet! I wish I could help you but I fear I may make things worse. It looks good to me and you will have it flourishing in no time :)You have some bautiful flowers.

Screwed Up Texan said...

So, I'm wishing I could just come over and start working on your yard right now! LOL! First off, those green pod things your kids are smashing are pecans!!! So if you want pecan pie this year, tell them to stop :) The green shell will darken and open when it gets cooler (another couple months). Pecans produce well every other year, so save the pecans you pick. If your trees are doing like mine, they will produce really well next year.

RE: Rose bushes, prune them to about six inches above the ground. Dig them up and move them or give them away. The leaves look badly because they probably have leaf spot (fungus). Roses are very finicky in this area, I would just give them away. If you really like roses, get Knockout Roses which grows on a shrub. They do really well around here.

Those "smallish hedges" with the green berries are Indian Hawthorns (also in the rose family--so are photinias, strawberries, blackberries, and more) and are going to grow way too big for the spot they are planted in. Pick a sunny area which is at least 3 foot by 3 foot for EACH plant. Once established, they will hardly ever need to be watered.

Those succulent things with the violet tinge almost look like Purple Queens, but whatever they are I think they will come back year after year. Dig them up and put them where the tall roses are along with other flowers (like those lavendar looking plants) and perhaps some of that grass.

That little that some sort of mint?

Definitely some root suckers or other trees growing in the yard. Just kill them.

Want an herb that stays green year round and needs minimal care in North Texas? Get some rosemary! Warning: In about two years a 6 inch plants will grow 4 ft by 4 ft.

Now that you sort of have an idea of what is in the yard, I hope this helps!

Little Lovables said...

Thank You!!! You have made my year!! I can't wait to get to work on this now that I know where to start and what I am dealing with :)

JSL & A said...

Hey lisa, I am glad you posted on my blog. You told me awhile back to give your email for ohthoseaarons but since I had that only as my link to you when you went was so long since I couldnt remember this blog. Anyway here it is lukoplactic at Hope to hear from you and How exciting to be working in your yard!

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