Friday, January 29, 2010

Twilight Inspired Designs Shop

Amazingly, I have my new Twilight Inspired Jewelry shop {mostly} set up... and it took only 2 days to do it! Feel free to check it out, and I would love some critiques, if the layout is understandable to navigate and such. Really though, I think my tag line I came up with last minute is my favorite part ;)

"jewelry for your inner vamp"

I will be retiring the line once my supplies are gone, so moving it to it's own little place was the best so I can focus more on my vintage inspired jewelry shop. Jeweled Ambrosia is heading into a new direction and I'm so excited!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mahna Mahna and the Snowths

This is the all consuming project I was in the midst of during our move and during the holidays. It was a pain and a joy all at the same time, kind of like giving birth, without the tearing and diapers. Our family has always been a fan of the Snowths and Mahna Mahna trio, so when the opportunity arose to make them, I decided to take it. I've been asked to do it before, but always turned it down, so I wanted to challenge myself this time.

It was one of those things that I miss dearly, but will never do it again unless I got paid millions of dollars to do it. Actually, maybe not, I learned tricks so a second round would go easier, but the execution and planning in the beginning is quite stressful. Though if I ever did attempt these guys again, I would do puppets, not dolls.

My sister came the last night to help me do some machine sewing for the bodies, since sewing machines terrify the crap out of me, and another friend helped me sew up the arms and legs in the beginning, b/c the thought of hand sewing 6 arms and 6 legs gave me an anxiety attack. So thanks for helping me keep my sanity!!

Getting very tired, very very sore, very... covered in fur...

My husband found a sign of life in the small crack of a smile through my hair. He's goofy and sweet.
In any case, I was quite sad to see these dolls go. My husband and I made a quick little video so we could always remember their awesomeness. If only we had more time to play with them before I shipped, but they needed to go asap as they were for a birthday present. I  hope you enjoyed my process, the creation of the Jim Henson sensational Muppets inspired Mahna Mahna and his two Snowths!!

*don't let the song get stuck in your head ;)
"Mahna Mahna, Do doo be-do-do, Mahna Mahna, Do do-do do, Mahna Mahna,
Do doo be-do-do be-do-do be-do-do be-do-do-doodle do do do-doo do!"

Do doo be-do-do,

Monday, January 25, 2010

Red and Turquoise {not so} Valentine's Amazingness

It is still winter, and Valentines is right around the corner, yet I still haven't come to terms with Christmas being over. So many things I didn't have a chance to do, but that's life, and my blog is my happy place, so here it goes. This post is about marrying holidays and  taking something gracefully from one season, to the next.

 I'm a sucker for wreaths, and one that can transcend time and theme makes me weak. Originally a cheerful Christmas wreath, this can be remade in different colors for any happy occasion or season of the year. Tutorial on making the yarn poms poms HERE. Once the poms are made, just glue, tie or wire them on, and top the wreath with a bow and ribbon for hanging

Whilst gingerbread houses fall in the Christmas season, a warm and happy home is a year round goal. Add a little heart candy to the rooftop for a Valentine's sweet, or pipe on their initial, and give your special someone a warm cup of cocoa.

*psstttt... my dear aunt (the one who made my slipcovered pillows) started a blog. She's a very hardworking mom to 5 children and a pro seamstress that makes the most delicious children's clothing and pinafores while  she is not working on costume design. Check her blog out at Twigs Kids!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Linen and Crochet

lovely title, lovely bear, lovely dress, beautiful photography composition, awe

Wouldn't these rocks look lovely hanging in a mobile?

Or you can have a crochet rock as a lovely pendant on a necklace, all sweetly nestled in it's lacy cocoon.

linen nursery - domino
I packed up our child's crib up months ago, and have no intentions of pulling it out anytime soon, but I see some seriously amazing nursery spaces lately... even more posh and put together than my own room!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Serve Some Love

This is how I feel today... yesterday, I felt the total opposite. what did I do to change that feeling?

I decided I didn't want to feel down and sad and unimportant again today, so I rolled up my sleeves and got to work. After thinking about why I felt so down and all, I was truly humbled after my heart turned to others in need. From mass heartache in Haiti, to the impoverished or the afflicted within our own communities, I started off my morning with a donation to aid in Haiti, gave my children super big hugs and accomplished things today I have been putting off.  I actively worked on remaining patient when my toddler dumped the trashcan all over the floor 10 different times today, and pursued my tasks even though I felt like giving up. I also saw that my church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (otherwise know as Mormons) is flying 80,000 lbs of food supplies and volunteers to Haiti, and knowing that my tithes and fast offerings have contributed a small part of that makes me feel very happy inside.

Donations can be made here with the Church's Humanitarian site where the largest percentage of each dollar goes directly to the people or directly at the Red Cross or through CNN's IMPACT site, or Doctors without Borders who are there working now. As always, be wary of scams, my friends! And keep the Haitian people, as well as others who are going through trying times, in your hearts and prayers.

And now, it's time to make dinner and for once, I feel like I have had a full and successful day, with a warm and cozy heart full of hope and thanks.  What can you do to change your day?

Monday, January 11, 2010

Dreams Personified

Alison really captures a certain longing, a spirit of youth, reality and dreams, her origami personification and the expression of wonder speaks volumes.

The red balloon indie French film mesmerizes the youth in our family. forget pixar and disney, this little tale captures raw emotion, hope, sadness and triumph, all in a tale of innocence

dress lights - tim walker
 The living dresses light up this tree in a secret fantasy world that beckons tired old biddies (like myself on this day) to relax and play, a little kitsch, a little wanton, a little innocent, a little like something I need.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Calm After the Storm

aqua blue and white balloon room - yvette inufio

Yesterday was an extremely stressful and trying day (though some yummy Indian food helped take the edge off), and the weekend was as well, since every single one of us got a nasty little 24 hour bug. But I decided to change my mindset and takes some deep breaths, think things through, made a gameplan and decided to remain calm.

We managed to pack up the Christmas decorations (though I never did take pictures of the upgrades I did to the mantle and tree and the garland I made for the window, oh well!)

I am enjoying having space back. It's amazing how wonderful Christmas is, and every year I get so excited decorating and I always think as I am pulling each ornament out of the box, how it is going to be so big in here once they are put back away.  I am never wrong 

white and blue interior - betsy burnham design

Right now, I am enjoying being clutter free. Nester has a great post today about having "accessories on parade". I try and live by that (as I imagine my husband who calls me a "hoarder" rolling his eyes at that statement), but it is easy to lose control!

my great grandmother's lamb modeling my necklace... so lovely

But, since I can't find my box of my little knick knacks (of which I believe my husband hid them from me in our move, though he strongly disagrees), staying clutter free is fairly easy right now. I would really like to find my little brass owls and my grandmother's lamb. Everywhere I look is white with little aqua accents, and black pillows and I love the simplicity... but still...


*** update... hubs found my box :) thanks, darling!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Books, Glorious Books!

 When I lived in Utah, I had to move home to Texas in a hurry when my father died to come and take care of my mom. Meaning, I had to SHIP everything I owned. There went my meager savings... as well as over half of my shoes/clothes and most sadly, my books... all went to Goodwill.

I did manage to save a few, and though that was nearly 8 years ago, my books have multiplied again! Much to my husband's chagrin, who states... occasionally, "No more books." But really, I love to read. I love getting books on education, science, history, classic works, education, decorating, cooking... and now that I have children, I gets books for them.


I know the age old decor idea of turning the books around so you only see the pages, or covering each book in pretty or neutral paper and I love that, I do... but I also love the colors and age of old hard back book spines. (I don't own many though, mostly paperbacks and modern glossy covers, boo!)

book side table


I love to stack my books. Create little vignettes and keep my favorites out to reference, though the hubby isn't a fan of that either. So, this post is dedicated to what I would do, if given a chance.

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