Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Personal Style: Golden

Yep, another fully thrifted outift. Accept for the winged tiger (panther/lion?) necklace, I made that from a vintage stamping. I have about four of them left.

I always thought gold tones were for old ladies. I guess my tastes have matured, fashion has changed, or I am now, an old lady. I'm guessing... okay hoping... it's a mix of all three.
I had this little gray jersey tunic (not a maternity shirt, thank you) for a while, but couldn't find a good top to wear under it. I've also had this sequin gap tank for even longer, and they just came together perfectly one day. Like a casual way to wear evening wear {almost}. The tank is way too big, so I safety pinned the straps like a racerback, makes kind of a cute effect for layering, imo.

I've been looking for a sailor knot type earrings for a while. Who knew I would find this amazing golden vintage pair at a garage sale for 10 cents. Reminds me a bit of the Auryn (from The Never Ending Story).
These shoes are supposed to be for my princess dress. But, I had to give them a test drive with a casual outfit. More comfortable than  imagined for extended periods of time, but not good enough for running around. I'm thinking I will need a pair of glittery toms.

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Personal Style: Rhinestones and Pinstripes

Another entirely scavanged outfit, not that cute, but oh well. I'm seriously thinking I now own more thrifted clothes than new store bought clothes since I donated so many of them recently. 
In case you can't tell recently, I feel more at home in calm, neutral colors.
My husband has assured me, my arms are in fact, not larger than my pasty, white legs. 
We measured, just to be certain. Though they are certainly tanner... ha!

The skirt is a touch too big. But that's fine, cinching the waist works with this bag lady, hobo chic look. You can't really see it, but the top has a polka dot design, and I love the casual pin-stripping of the skirt.

 A little bit of glitz adds a certain *something* to the rather plain and oddly worked ensemble.

top: banana republic, thrifted
skirt: american eagle, thrifted
belt: calvin klein, thrifted
necklace: vintage rhinestone, antiquing
old lady shoes: vintage guess booties, thrifted

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Oh, Little Raincloud

fine little day via sfgirlbybay

Tornado seasons this year have been truly horrendous. And knowing we will be vacationing back in our hometown amidst all the storms, and perchance driving through them isn't unsettling... at all. But one thing I love about Texas weathers, is it's terrifying storms. I remember watching a lightening storm as a little girl from our window. When we went outside later, a plastic plate we had left out there had a burn hole right through the center of it from a lighting hit.  I've lived in Tornado alley all my life, and lived through a Hawaii hurricane as an infant, so I have spent many a night curled in a bathtub with my 72 hour kit and family squeezed together under a mattress. Oh, the days.

So, here's to the lighter side of the storm spectrum... the lovely clouds and cloudy creations of these fine folks.

cloud concrete necklace DrCraze

embroidery hoop cloud, the purlbee via everkelly

   cloudy bed by motley  

cloud marker decals tutorial by lifeflix
 cloud deluge by gollybard

 grateful for this day print by Vol.25 via jones design company

embroidery cloud by pilli pilli handmade

cloud necklace by block party press

kawaii cloud rain drop mobile by JAustinRyan

furry cloud rug how to tutorial by lifeflix

little raincloud appliqued shirt by nana company

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Personal Style: Chambray on Denim. diy Accessory

I know this is a big style right now, but I never thought I would wear this trend. I especially love, love how Sydney and Elaine have styled the chambray tops with the wide leg trousers and their variation in color with a lighter top.

But, I found these skinny jeans at a garage sale for like $1 and the distressed shirt cheap on ebay, so thought I would give it a shot with what I had. (Yes, it's another Miley Cyrus button up, embarrassing! I got the shirt here, there are still several left).

Pretty much my whole outfit was scavanged. T-strap shoes, thrifted/ jeans, garage sale/ ralph lauren bag, thrifted/ vintage bakelite earrings, garage sale/ vintage cuff, garage sale/ shirt, ebay/ vintage lace, antique mall/ vintage brooch, antique mall. The whole outfit was probably less than $30.

For a bit of interest, I wadded up a yard of soft, vintage peach lace and pinned it to my shirt using this vintage rhinestone brooch. I thought the peach lace complimented the vintage orange bakelite earrings nicely and added a small hint of color. It's nice to do something unexpected every now and then, what do you like to do?

Inspired Touches: Sunny Color

vintage glass bottles display pompom flowers (flower tutorial here), via ellemania; and lili diallo’s brooklyn loft in details (shot by annie schlecter); and emma lamb’s forever flower garland.

My home still feels so dark right now. I know with the dark paint and brick, I have to deal with it since it's  rental, but maybe I can do a few touches like these to bring some airy light back in here.  I love, love, love the aqua painted brick above. Oh, I can't wait to own my home someday, the damage Ima gonna do!

leah duncan’s sweet tea towel;  diy mason jar pendant lights via boots n gus tutorial via secret pocket.

dottie angel blog, shop

tumblr (anyone know the actual source?)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Personal Style: Vested To the Fair

I love this shirt b/c it reminds me of Guenevere's mustard major cowl/boat necked dress in Camelot during The Take me To the Fair scene with Sir Lionel. (nerd, I know.) I went out on a limb and paired it with this baggy charcoal jersey-ish vest. Maybe it's not that cute, but I like it, so there. I think I'm going to take the vest in and make it a tad tighter.

I got this bag for free at a clothing swap. Have you ever been to one? Hosted one?

 I did Jo's messy low side ponytail (tutorial)... only mine didn't turn out as messy. sadface.

 I blinked in almost every photo. This is the best I've got.
Going to the gym has been great for my abs and finally losing the baby weight. As for my a*s.. not so much, It's shrinking! That's not a good thing in my book. I guess I'll have to workout then go home and gorge on some brownies or something.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Colorful IKEA Love

We went to IKEA with our way awesome Swedish friend over the weekend. I feel in love with this fabric... and how they hung it with coordinating yardage like tapestries. I'm going to do that... eventually.

design: Lotta Kuhlohm 2008 IKEA of Sweden AB, Annamoa range

Apparently, the 'art' of the couches is to awesome to sit upon. Really, some of those couches were so full of crap, there would be no way to sit on them anyways. (Some really were awesome though). Maybe that is what I will do with my white slipcovers when they become too stained for the bleach to handle, just color the heck out of them and call it art.

 I love this... how simple! It's just a curtain rod hung vertically on the ceiling. Something I am totally equipped to lovingly/sweetly nag my not extremely handy husband to do.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Personal Style: Baggy White Shirt, three ways

I found this old baggy white shirt from forever ago. Totally baggy, squared fit, late 90's... I think it was my sister's? Anyways, I tried three different looks with it to see if it could be salvaged or modernized at all. For my hair, I pretty much just teased the crap out of it and let it do it's thing since it is such a windy day. Fetching, I know.

The first is this Peter Pan/Maid Marion, forest green, lace up corset ribbed tank thing. I rolled the sleeves once for a bit of help. Kind of cute, but the shirt just bunches up all weird under the tank. Off it goes...

*totally weird action shot*

 Next, I just went with a partial tuck and the semi rolled sleeve.........

Then I added a gray scarf for a hint of class and low belted the top. I think this is probably the most modern version of all, but still not quiet feeling it. Maybe it's the baggy, holey jeans pairing that feels off. Probably for me, it will be going in the donated clothing pile, along with the green tank.

 jeans: amethyst/ belt: vintage/ shoes: oxfords/ scarf: forever 21/ watch: fossil/ earrings: jeweled ambrosia

Which version looks best here? Have to tried to salvage something and it turn out.. or not?

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