Monday, November 30, 2009

Reds and Frosty Hues

I thought I would showcase some of my favorite things for you all Christmas shoppers.

The sweet candy cane heart photographic art print above by zuppa artista is so... pretty! Though, I only like candy canes as decor, or as hot cocoa stirrers!! (try it, it's lovely and delish)

This little red elfin pixie hat from talk to the trees is so tempting, and a steal for only $18! (ps, she is super sweet and her wolf ears are awesome too!)

Love the ethereal feeling of this "time to dine" photographic art print by lola's room

Have you seen the gorgeous artwork by Candace Jean? Well, now you have!

Yes, stacking rings, I love them all, but this Dainty Parnassia set from Pearl Everlasting has a hint of sparkle.

These sweet little  Cottage Love earrings are made by me, Jeweled Ambrosia! I love the way the photograph turned out!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Displaying your Jewelry

pretty bowls and small and colorful wall hooks - domino

Reorganizing my craft space and finished jewelry for my shop has really got me thinking about creative diy displays. I've found a great little collection online, so here you go!

love the hands and vintage tins! kelly rae apartment therapy


Of course, these can work for commercial settings as well, though all of these are home displays. Apartment Therapy has a few posts for this and so does The Ardent Sparrow (love the rake idea!)  Very clever :)

branches in a vase apartment therapy

Personally, I have metal tiered racks, jewelry trees, the screen frame and shutters. I'll show you pics soon! I think some reclaimed antlers would make a visually interesting piece with lots of storage. What ideas do you have?

Friday, November 20, 2009

There's a Super Hero Kid in You

Perhaps this post is inspired by my little boys, or the fact that after watching hours of the original Astro Boy, we saw  the movie (which was an interesting mix between A.I., Lord of the Flies and Wall-E).

 So, you super heros of craft-opolis, get started on your hero logo t-shirt with Ambrosia Girl's nifty screen printing tutorial and visit her (non hero specific) superhero party ideas!

Create a coat rack wall using salvaged drawer fronts to hang those super hero capes. (or use wood planks and interesting knobs if you don't feel like leaving a beat up old dresser nekkid)

Immerse yourself in Monster Gallery's grunge pop robotic hero Japan-esque pop art prints

Then, enjoy a slice of robotic cake love with a Threadless design Threadcakes cutie. (okay, so he's not technically a 'superhero' but a sweet little introverted robot... but Astro boy was robot and superhero, so robot's are okay, plus he's cute and the colors match, so why not include the little guy!?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sale Today in my Jewelry Shop!

Packing my inventory to move is enjoyable as I get to reexamine very piece I have created, new ideas spark and I remember how each piece came about. However, I thought it would be best to clear some room for some exciting new pieces I have coming out while in the midst of packing and moving.

So I marked *almost* down everything in my Jeweled Ambrosia shop and if you order 3 or more pieces, you get free shipping as well, perfect for stocking up for little gifts for Christmas (or yourself :)

But, for my special blog readers, you will get free shipping OR a surprise gift, just let me know which one you want upon checkout! Thank you :)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Subtle Sunshine


To me, yellow is one of those colors that is best paired with neutrals. It looks smashing with aqua and regal with purple, but overall, I much prefer it with creamy shades of white, chocolates and my all time favorite, gray. Of course, some can only handle yellow  in small doses (such as myself).

brooke giannetti
country living

 It is an excellent color for spring or summer, but in those dreary fall and winter months, there is no better color to infuse a bit of warmth and cheer in your home. It is also an excellent gender neutral color. It softens a masculine overly dark room and minimizes too much girlishness in a home. (Well some rooms like Betsey Johnson's Pink Apartment cannot be manned up no matter how much yellow you put in there! (still love the room though!...)

kips bay decorator showhouse
katie stassi domino
ilse crawford
house to home
dwell shop

I do feel that some of these rooms would give me a headache after all, but many are so wonderful I may just use some for inspiration of my own. one more thing for, yellow paint... ALWAYS use several test swatches first to find that nice and serene shade... I cannot tell you how many paint nightmares I have had choosing the way wrong color yellow for a wall that screams the sun just threw up a horrid shade of neon.


world of interiors
victoria hagan
viceroy hotel photog grey crawford

ekb interiors

There are plenty more yellow interior loveliness over at Patrica Gray Interiors!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Those Lovely Horses

I have always loved horses. Their smell, their wild spirits and mild yet fiesty hearts, their strength and power. Their grace and beauty and stubborn love. Even as a girl, some of my favorite films have always been Tonka and Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken. Pegasus, unicorns, My Little Ponies, Arabians, Pintos, Mustangs... doesn't matter, I love them all.

Once, while horse back riding with friends on a narrow canyon trail, I thought of their powerful bodies trotting over those little rocks and how vulnerable we were to a tiny little slip of a twisted ankle...

Another time, a wild horse named "A Horse With No Name" (a stubborn old lady), she took me for a wild ride through brush, down a hill side and off to chase some old cows. I definatly held on for the ride and sheilded my face from low thorny branches. I came out of the forest, clothing in shreds, hair a mess, a bloody lip, black eyes, scratches covering my face and arms and sticks in my hair, but boy... did I love that horse!

I believe that was the last time I went horse back riding, yet how I have yearned to go again. Every time I see THIS VIDEO of the 100 horses being rescued from the flooding island in the Netherlands, I cry. The score (Vangelis- Conquest of Paradise) has something to do with, I'm sure. I also have a hard time with the forced spectator horse fighting and treatment and conditions of city carraige horses as well.

I truly had a hard time picking which horse images to choose for this post. Knowing that this magnificant creature is still out there, working, grazing, running in the sun, nuzzling up to a mate or a wee one, I feel as if a part of their spirit is captured in the photo and I wouldn't want to hurt their feelings by not including it. Truly, I want to gently rub down their noses and softly sing them a song. But that is crazy talk, isn't it.

margo love

Then, I heard about Molly, an abandoned victim of Huricane Katrina. She was alone for weeks, and when finally rescued and taken to a shelter for the animals, she was viciously attacked by a pitt bull and lost a leg and her jaw. She was to be euthanized, but her protective and caring demeanor won the caretakers over. Through love and support, she was able to get a prosthetic and now serves as an inspiration and bringerof hope to those in nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, shelters and hospitals with her sweet spirit and loving personality.

alfheiour eria

Thanks to mrs. french's post on sfgirlbybay for reawakening my horse love.

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