Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Stress Fest

You know that kind of stress that grows from within, yet imposes from without, and it pushes and pulls you in all directions... and sometimes it is exciting and fun to see where it will take you, but other times it creates hardship and overwhelming circumstances that you have no idea how to handle, but know that you just have to keep pushing through it, and it will be over with soon... which is both a good thing but a bad thing, so you love the excitement of the unexpected, but feel the sadness and fear of everything else and you are left with a bittersweetness of it all, so not really sure what to do, say or think of it all, but what you do know is that you are overwhelmed and overtired and so not on task...? Well yeah. That is where I am right now. So, now you have the world's longest run-on sentence and a lot of pink, flowers and glitter. Because those make everything better, right?


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