Thursday, September 27, 2012

Inspired Interiors: Quiet, Styled Bedrooms

All of these rooms are all very different, yet they all still have a similar theme. Quiet colors, neutral backdrops, symmetry, simple drapery, a touch of patterns and colors that can easily be swept out for the seasons and trend changes. There are touches of upholstered pieces or additional throws and some very diy details, and yet everything is all very nicely styled and pulled together without looking forced. I wonder if I can achieve a similar feel in our room? Nester has some good pointers here.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Inspired Interiors: Albertina's "Fearless" Living Room

LALALALA-Love Albertina's home as featured on Little Green Notebook!! The colors, the elegance! Visit the link for source info.

One thing I am lacking is framed family photos. I saw this photo above and have been collecting metallic frames to create a similar vignette.So, I suppose I need a sofa table too! I want to be able to pick up a frame, trace the smile and hug it when I feel so moved. For me, I'm trying to distance myself from so much art, and get back to the basics of family photos.

I would love to paint a lovely portrait of my children.
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Friday, September 21, 2012

Inspired Interiors: Justina's Jungalow

Probably one of my most favorite areas ever from Etsy's Get the Look interview. I have some natural toned wood that I keep thinking I need to paint, but I can appreciate it's natural state in that is DOES look good with mismatched pieces in a setting. So, I love figuring out that I am only semi-delusional in this regard.

Really though, the colors, patterns, ethnic prints. Adore it all. But the key is, mismatch doesn't work if it's only one or two pieces. Than it just looks like you can't match. No, you have to throw it to the wind. Keeping other elements natural and airy with a similar color scheme helps.  Also, I love the layering of rugs.

Check out the homeowner's Justina’s blog for even more incredible decorating ideas and to take the full Jungalow tour.

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Thursday, September 20, 2012


 Elisabeth (and my mom's) first IKEA experience

Considering making some big ch-ch-ch-ch-changes soon....

Like my hair... ombre, blonde, ginger, dark... ? I've got like 3 inches of regrowth, and some frizz of the universe, so now what? The 'do is in sad, sad shape, which leads me to the next thing.

I'm really looking into going back into the salon after several years hiatus. Exciting, nerve racking, and a really neat opportunity at an awesome place just minutes from me.

Some changes regarding my jewelry... finally in the mood to get organized and with that comes a shift of style and pizazz.

Thinking about donating breastmilk... woah what? I am like a cow right now and it could benefit the sick little babies that need some good ole nourishment. But, how would that work if I go back to work?

*waiting at IKEA'S kids area took for-ever, my boys have been extra clingy lately, which I love*

Hanging curtains in the new house.. really stressful! I got a stencil to see if I can do something note worthy, we shall see. Being on a very, very tight budget is kind of getting old.

Still unpacking, and arranging. Since we share a nursery with dear baby girl, this IKEA idea with the curtain partition was downright awesome. Oh, how to make it work in our space? We have that same crib.

And some other pesky life things that aren't really bloggable, but very much weigh heavily on the mind.


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Saturday, September 15, 2012

DIY Faux Snakeskin Console Table

Oh my good golly goshness, I so love this diy console table by Emily of Recently, the blog! I love the look of the faux snakeskin fabric, but it can be covered in any print you like! So, some retro florals, shabby rosettes, trendy chevron, velvet...? She has a full length tutorial on her blog. Fabric, mod podge, and a piece of furniture with fairly straight lines is pretty much ll you need! I'll be on the hunt for roadside treasures to make me one soon.

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Thursday, September 6, 2012


I don't do too many sales on here, but I'm doing some inventory clearing. The LAST Twilight installment, Breaking Dawn is upon us! The Bella inspired bracelets are now only $6 with $3 shipping, to anywhere in the world that accepts US mail. Get one for you and a friend! I will combine shipping via Paypal refund if you order multiple items.

The bracelets feature an adorable apple toggle clasp, a cute, pewter howling wolf charm, and a super sparkly 14 mm Swarovski Crystal heart. PLEASE let me now your desired bracelet length. 1 to 1.5 inches larger than your wrist size is a good size.

To purchase the bracelet now

Choose Your Metal Colors:

How to win FREE Jewelry
Entry requirements:

~Like my facebook page OR share my sale for one entry.
~Like my facebook page AND share my sale for two entries.
~Purchase any jewelry from my blog or my Etsy shop, for 3 entries.
~Do ALL of the above for 4 entries!

The free jewelry drawing will be on September 20th, so share away! I will contact the winner by email and they have 3 days to respond. If they don't respond, then I will draw another winner. *You have to let me know you shared this link to the sale on my Jeweled Ambrosia facebook for that entry to count, otherwise I have no way of knowing! Good luck :)

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Inspired Interiors: Pink, Gold and Black

Pink, gold and black... I've been seeing this color combo around a lot lately and every time I see it... I WANT IT. There is a slight Hollywood Regency feel here, with a bit of eclectic crazy thrown in for good measure. Now, I have some pretty interesting brass piece that came from thrifting, though those doesn't quite fit the glamour motifs going on in my head. 

Daphne's gorgeous nursery above is featured in depth on Apartment Therapy.  There are so many drool worthy elements here, but I simply adore that rug and lamp! Okay... and the mirror, mirrored dresser, stool.. so everything. A lot of people have been diy'ing mirrored dressers as of late. A pretty good tutorial here:

Fiona's room by My Favorite and My Best, has so much charm, pattern and color! She makes a good point, that a lot of things could afford, she didn't quite like.. so she "just stuck with what i had and added some black and white tile fabric pillows and a deep green mohair velvet pillow." And that is what decorating is for most of us... finding small yet exciting ways to insert a snap of personality into our rooms.

I went to IKEA yesterday (my mom and baby Elisabeth's first time) and my head is just spinning with grand ideas. But IKEA hacks add even more flavor to a room. This Dorothy Draper inspired diy dresser by Nancy of Marcus Design has made the bloggy rounds, but it should! She even offers a tutorial on how she did it here. The otherwise neutral color palate is made very regal in pattern, and I love those pink rose buds, bringing in some femininity.

Coco Cozy's brillant golden wall swag. Reminds me of a flowering pheonix. Love. And the bright orange and pinks paired with a dusty rose? Unexpected, but oh so stylish. But her whole place is stunning.

Wow, look at that bathroom by Jay Jeffers! Coral, mint, aqua, pink and lots of golds. Whimsical, ornate, and interesting choices, but I think they work together. In essence, by adding texture through golds and brasses, and some pink, a fun or elegant mix can be attained by all, even if you simply replace a few dated pieces on a small budget, it can be done.

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