Friday, July 30, 2010

Instant Collections {of the Vintage Variety}

Collections are nice. But so many take so long to find. You have to go to thrift markets, antique malls, estate sales, garage sales, ebay, etsy... and it can take a while to do it. But lo and behold, what I have discovered.

Instant Collections!

 Isn't that great!? You can go here on Etsy, and find out tons of instant collections. There are all sorts of bottles, teapots, tins, spoons, frames, glass insulators, letterpress blocks, vintage cameras, salt and pepper shakers, milk glass, keys, plates... and you can buy everything in one listing, from one seller, for one shipping price. I love that idea! A box of goodies all at once, and it looks like you have been painstakingly amassing them for years! Plus, these sellers have awesome shops and shows you how to display your new collections.

letters ~ sweet love vintage

In any case, I'm signing off for a week or so as we move yet again, so please ignore the Chinese spam comments I get, and let me know what instant collection you would love to try your hand at.

Monday, July 26, 2010

The Little Memorial Shell

I love this shell. I grew up with it and for some reason, I took it when I moved out. I don't even remember doing it. I wonder if my mom misses it? There is no significance behind this shell that I can remember.

I can't remember if it came from a store, or if it came from a beach in Hawaii. But, it holds a special place in my heart. You see, there is a picture of my dad holding a Tritan Trumpet shell that he found scuba diving when we lived in Hawaii, he was a very young man. He is holding the shell, with a huge smile on his face, and someone in the picture is wearing a striped shirt... striped almost exactly like this shell. I need to find this picture.

So, in my slightly ocd, facts connecting mind, this shell reminds me of my dad. And I will always treasure it.

Do you have any objects that aren't actually heirlooms, but you treat them as such anyways because of feelings they produce for obscure reasons?

Monday, July 19, 2010

Inspired Room: Soft Whites and Natural Light

This Edwardian house in Streatham was featured in Light Locations.  The white and creamy color pallate is so refreshing and dreamy, especially since the dominating accent color is turquoise. I am truly amazed at how much natural light and charm this home boasts.

This is quite possible the most beautiful entry way I have ever seen. From the light grayish blue writing desk, to the old portrait, it has a touch of everything. I truly adore the grandfather clock. The soft color and curved lines makes it appear less menacing than so many others I have seen.

The sunburst mirror is so right in this room. I love the detail, and and so glad it isn't overdone in this home, by appearing in every room in the house.

The pet portraits and the green lattice print pillow brings a pop of charm and color to the room.

I love those stain glass windows flanked with the open white shutters. So lovely! And, though the focus of the room is this charming rocking horse, I find the feather duster hanging on the wall quite charming.
And those painted white plank floors are perfect. The mix of vintage and shabby with the contemporary chair and desk are refreshing. Do you have a mix of style, and how do you pull it off?

Friday, July 16, 2010

Sweet Treats: Pineapple Upside Down Cake

One of my favorite desserts. Reminds me of my childhood, my dad's favorite.
Simple to make, pretty to look at, almost like a comfort food for the sweet tooth.

Heart warming. especially when adorned with a little crape myrtle cutting.

What is your favorite dessert? Is there a reason other than simply how it tastes?

Fashion: Hobo Chic

the sartorialist

 For some reason, I've been dressing like a fancy hobo lately. Don't get me wrong, I still wear my white or grey v neck jersey shirts and jeans all the time, but when I dress up... it's always something so hobo chic.

idee fixe blouse modcloth

I'd like to think my hobo chic dressing is somewhat quirky and yet, classy like in these pics... but I'm afraid on me... it looks more like frumpville, secondhand, bag-lady girl. And that isn't a good look. Certainly not a picture worthy one.

ruffle front skirt by love to love you

But, I suppose it's true.. I mean a stress-eating girl has got to find a way to hide a growing muffin top somehow, right? Flowy, loose fitting shirts and low rise pants are key. And no tie back tops... too easily mistaken for maternity. Ruffles always help, and so do cross waisted styles and side ruching.

Maybe... I can wear something with a waist soon... It's to the gym after our move in a few weeks.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Homefront: Accessorizing with Vignettes

I'm sure most everyone has seen a version of the "Home Rules". I loved this little vintage plaque of them I found thrifting and had to bring it home.

To me, I see things for more than what they are; the search of finding that little treasure and bringing pieces together to tell a story. The antique mattress spring I found at my favorite antique mall, the vintage leather gloves with the pearl buttons, and my favorite little brass owl family I found at a garage sale for $1. I see these owl families for sale on Etsy very often.

It looks so nice in my little vignette here. This is the reason I love shutters. They can be used anywhere (even propped on wall to hide outlets and plugs). But for vignettes, it creates that height it needs to create balance, otherwise it's just a bunch of stuff on a flat surface. Well, many people probably still think it is that too.

 Also, with larger accessries, like the ones on top of my hutch, it creates a little background for depth.

Basically, when creating a vignette, things to consider are angles, varying heights and groups of at least 3. Staggering the items, creating layers and playing with different textures are also essential. And for good measure, throwing in a touch of nature helps bring beauty and life. That can be accomplished with pinecones, acorns, seeds, dried leaves, flowers, branches, feathers, driftwood, wheat, potted grasses or sprouts, birds eggs, nests...

Try and avoid having an "Accessories on Parade" as penned by designer, JoAnne Lenart-Weary.
 It means to avoid the urge of stacking up all your favorite pieces and crated a 'parade' or straight line of them. Read how to break up the parade on The Nester. You will notice I break the rule of having 3 items, but one's got to live a little. I like to work in a triangle, a larger item in the back that acts as a spring board to branch out accessories in front and to the side.

My mom's little ice cream dish, makes a great notions holder. Old wooden spools, laundry clips and skeleton keys are the perfect size to hold small lengths of pretties. You never know when you will need a touch of lace, baker's twine, vintage seam binding or a dash of sequins to, tie on a necklace, wrap around silverware for a dessert party, wrap around your wrist, add to an accessory add to a giftwrap. You can read all about the use of goodies in my packaging series.

Part 1: Artful Giving
Part 2: Artful Tagging
Part 3: Artful Embellishing.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Bloggy Love: 33 Stitches

33 stitches is a sweet little blog, full of color, fabric and lots of little stories. Julia loves her pets, 
owls, and vintage goodies, and sews little pouches, fabric sleeves, bags, mini quilts and such for her 
etsy shops,  simbiosis and petite maison.

You will adore her book cover tutorial and sewing cover tutorial as well.

Fabric embroidery hoops make for such a wonderful impact, don't they?
And isn't that sewing machine cover adorable?

I truly adore her craft room. Such warmth and happiness here.

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