Thursday, February 14, 2013

Lovely Flower Crown Inspiration

Did you all have a happy Valentine's Day? Are you waiting until the weekend to go out with your honey? With your girls? Lounge around at home? It doesn't matter, you can still get prettified by putting some flowers in your hair!

The Beauty Department has a step by step photo tutorial on how to pin flowers in your hair so that they will stay. Just use hair pins to push through the middle of the flower!

To make a gorgeous flower crown, you can use florist's tape to hold them together using long stems or a wire. An excellent step by step tutorial can be found here on A Practical Wedding.

I love this simple, understated look. Beautiful for a wedding, Renaissance fair, special event, or just for fun. It sits back on the head so as to not overwhelm the face.
But if you are going for an all out look, Style Noted has some excellent ideas on how to wear flower crowns. Hair that has a soft, natural texture really tends to compliment this lovely accessory. Have you ever worn a flower crown, or would you ever? I would love to hear about it! I plan on wearing a lovely pink rose this weekend :)

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Personal Style: Photo Booth Fun and Beauty Tutorials

Did you notice the lip props in my Valentine decorating post? Last week, our salon participated in a fun event with a Candyland theme. I spent hours working on the props, and these lips were a fun part of the photo booth section. They work perfect for Valentine's Day too!
I did a slight smoky eye and a slight victory roll bang (more exaggerated tutorial here) or a suicide roll tutorial here), with a rather messy and lopsided, loose topknot. I do mine differently with no teasing and much faster than most tutorials, but this is a simple and short one. It took about 45 seconds to do my hair, but my husband gave me lots of compliments :)
She just turned 9 months and loves make-up and dressing up already!

Another fun style to try is this pretty and easy and pretty Sweetheart Braid tutorial by Hairdresser on Fire. The braid is perfect for Valentine's Day! Add a jeweled hair comb or fresh flower for a little bit of romance. Let me know if you try any of these styles!
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Homefront: Simple Valentine's Day Craft Decorating

This is a Christmas hurricane glass candle holder that came with faux pine needle/cone wreath to display around the base. My husband won it from his work White Elephant Christmas Party, (and yet he brought something "funny" a Schticky Lint remover, but his the year before, a fancy toilet scrubber was a hit... I digress).

I wanted to hussy it up for Valentine's Day... so I got out my glue gun and silvery craft jewels (that you can order from me here) for this craft. If you want less permanent jewels, than you can use glue dots instead of hot glue.
Then, I tied a ribbon around it, added some romantical doodads like craft pearls, ginormous diamond rings, plastic crystals, a paper doily and a wood letter... and there you go. Remember the bedazzled red room I posted earlier? Well this would fit in there for sure! But I like to keep the bling to a minimum.
 I love keeping white taper candles in an assortment of jars and vessels.

Even for a person who doesn't go all out on holiday decorating, like how I went *teensy weensy* overboard with my "mantel"... doing a fun and simple staging area like this for holiday related items can bring just a bit of that fun and sparkle into your home. My kids always love it! 
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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Homefront: A Balloony Birthday

I wanted Caleb to have a little surprise for his 5th birthday when he came home from school, so I made a balloon doorway for him. There were balloons laying around his room so he could play with them, before his brother came home from school. He really had such a blast!
He is so excited to be a 5 year old big boy!
I have my mom's cake decorating box from when we were kids, so we have a lot of vintage pieces there. These dinosaurs once graced a cake of my brother's when he was a wee kiddo.
Caleb has been asking for a monster truck for years now, and he has gotten lots of cheaper
 remote control cars, but this was the real deal that he tested out when we went to Bass Pro Shops.
And of course, no party is complete without balloon popping belly fights! And no pants.
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