Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Homefront: Fall Mantel

I'm joining up with Nester's Fall Mantel (Fantel) Linky Party today. Because I did this in a rush, I feel it's too cluttered, but that's alright, I will be changing it Halloween style in about week anyways. So be sure to visit back for that.

I'm not liking the bird, but I love the pine cones, mostly because we have collected them fresh from our new yard, and I've always wanted to do that. I plan to make a garland out of them, maybe for Christmas. This rosemary plant needs to be re-potted, but it smells so nice, and can't wait to use it in my roasted potatoes.

Opinion needed. The "window" mirror is actually black, I placed an empty shabby white frame in front. Should I leave the white frame there, or does the black frame look best? Thanks!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Inspired Wedding: Colorful Glass Vase and Flower Outdoor Wedding

I All Things Thrifty's cousin's wedding and had to share because it is so beautiful. They collected colorful glass jars and vases for months for the tables and filled them with fresh local flowers and ribbons of moss down the centers of the tables. The touch of the colorful craft butterflies were a sweet and whimsical touch.

The beautiful fabric garland used in the center of the canopy was handmade using embroidery hoops and torn fabric shreds. Directions to make your own included at the bottom of post.

(photos by Tanis Mosher)

Happy 30th Birthday to my Sweetheart!!

I can't believe I'm married to a 30 year old. It's great, and one day, I'll even be married to a 50 year old! We celebrated with the things that mattered most. Family and food. His wonderful parents came down, we made yummy ravioli, garlic bread and squash, ate lots of yummy cake, (the cake I made was just like this cupcake, cream cheese frosting, sprinkles and those same exact candles). We took the kids to the dinosaur museum to see the dinos, Robots exhibit and the butterflies, watched Flight of the Navigator and Sum of all Fears for an interesting mix. What a very full, adventurous and happy weekend. I'm very thankful!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Inspired Color ~ The Beauty of Green

Green and pink striped house ~ credit?

Yes, green and gray are my two all time favorite colors. And though I have done posts on chartreuse with green accents, I can't believe I've never done a post about gray and green. They are both such soothing colors, and green can be warm or cool, depending on how it is used and looks amazing with both cool grays and warm creams. Though it is often seen as springy or Christmas-y, I believe it makes an amazing seasonal transition color into the fall. Saying good-bye to greenery and hello to golden landscapes. It really marries the two together, adding a richness in a way no other color can. Blues seem to be the color of the moment, but has anyone though to entertain, a lovely shade of green?

 Eclectic Interior Design Group~ Keep it (art arrangements) Tight

I love how each photo here has some element of pattern as well, from simple stripes on a throw or the bottom of drapes to damask bedspread, or a trellis wallpaper, it's so refreshing to see these patterns.
Coastal Living ~ Green, gray, white and aqua striped damask bedroom

Coastal Living~ Green dining room

Horse Art ~ Taylor Howes
Coastal Living ~ Gray and white striped dining with green accents

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Love Bobble ~ A gift for someone special

It seems like it is a really rough time for a lot of people in my life. There are a lot of health, emotional and financial hardships. Sometimes, talking on the phone or sending an email doesn't cut it. Sometimes, expensive 'thinking of you' gifts doesn't cut it.

But a small, 'thinking of you' little package with a short handwritten note in the mail, that can do. So, I took some supplies already on hand, and created a little 'love bobble'. Things I know she loves. Something small that can be tucked in a drawer, or displayed, or anything really, just something to let someone know you care. All tied up in a pretty little box.

Make your own, or order a custom love bobble from me. I have tons of charms and colors to choose from.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Homefront: Living Room Picture Gallery Wall

The gallery wall is complete. We ended up moving furniture around, for whoever remembers my last post about this room. I had to stretch the gallery out a bit to cover this large space, so it isn't as neat and compact as my last one, but I like having one large art wall, instead of pictures randomly around the room. I ended up using some other pieces that I had in other rooms, but especially love my two new additions.

For whoever remembers my last post about this room, we switched the armoir and tv, and I think there is much better flow in here now.The room feels more functioning and like it doesn't revolve around this huge television.

I  miss my white slipcovers, but thought a change of scenery would be nice, so I am using my old Surefit brown ones instead. This time of year just calls for something a little less bright, though white would look pretty for Christmas time.
My mom visited for Labor Day and she brought with her this lovely housewarming gift. I have admired these paintings by Huldah Cherry Jeffe for several years now at our favorite antique mall, so this is a real treasure.

And my sister, who also visited with her family, brought me this adorable decoupaged sign from the same antique mall. I love the shape, colors, and especially that beautifully ornate antique key. My family really knows me. I'm not sure where to put it yet, but for now, it looks all fancy on this vintage shutter.

Wow, this beast of a fireplace looks so bare now that all of my art is on the wall. I agree, a large mirror would look best there, but the mantel is too weak to support one and I just can't get myself to drill and risk getting in trouble from the landlord. I thought keeping the color palate simple and neutral would look the best. Of course it will be changing frequently, as any of my blog readers know, I must change the mantle!

I still would like to get an area rug, a nice sized coffee table and some end tables, maybe make a cute garland for the mantel, maybe some paint on the armior and tv stand, our family pictures and plate wall up somewhere, but those temporal details can wait. Because all that really matters, are that these boys are happy. Off to make some queso.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Inspired Guest: Bret Pendlebury's Vintage Photo Art

I recently discovered Bret Pendlebury when creating my red and blue illustrations post. His work is simple, yet unique and those faces really stick in my mind. Before I ever read his blog, I thought to myself, "those remind me of vintage photos".

His photos focus on his vintage photo collection, primarily the 1930's, but he is open to custom work for portraits from photos of a role model, your parents, grandparents, family, and loved ones. And now, into houses.

He uses many different mediums for his work, ink, colored pencil and permanent marker, acrylics, watercolor, and his canvas is typically on a recylced material.

Some of his characters have a forlorn look, others are a bit more chipper. All unique and what I really want to know, is does he name them, or are those the names on the backs of the photographs, and will he ever sell prints?

From what he did share is this, "i was raised in coconut grove, a charming neighborhood on the bay in miami, florida. currently residing in the city of brotherly love, philadelphia, pennsylvania. i studied fine arts at new world school of the arts college. recently i have been creating portraits inspired from vintage photos i have collected. i'm influenced by simple raw beauty, traveling, nature & much more. I hope that my work inspires you."

Ruth Phillips

bret's:  shopblogfacebook fan page

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