Friday, December 6, 2013

Wicked, Twisted Truth of Beauty

I recently worked tirelessly on a few fashions shows, and though many pics I have not yet worked on, I felt the need to share them before the year runs out. This phase of my life has come to a tumultuous turn, however I am thankful for the experiences that broadened me as an artist and as a person. True tests of character, work ethic and family ties have awakened me stronger than before, and in many ways, I have my salon's fashion show to thank for that!

The first was our Fair Queen pageant, which turned out to be a great success and an exciting experience to be a part of.
 Here I am getting my model all dolled up and ready for her debut as a Fair Queen candidate.

The second event, really stretched me as a stylist, artist and a person.... At the salon until the early morning many nights, working exhaustively on scripts, costuming, props and the like. But what an amazing experience  that I would not have traded for anything! I hope you enjoy my work :)

I hand painted this dress with black latex paint, and hand bustled with with black tulle and ribbon. The petticoat was supposed to also be bustled, to show the black layers underneath, but they forgot that part when I was directing the show. Still looked amazing.

 The puppet scene... these ladies really stripped down and went crazy with it!

 The I&II Band really helped us out with show intervals.

 I created this bustled angel skirt and it was awesome. Unfortunately, they put it on backwards!
I spent quite some time on this black swan mask. Unfortunately, the "poison ivy ' character that I spent the most time on, evaded the camera, so no pictures of her amazing costume and hair.

 I love my ugly vintage dress collection. This one fit perfectly for the dia de los muetros mourning scene, complete with a photo of my granfather in his Korean War era soldier uniform.
 The angel wings were pretty weak, so I got several pairs and restructured them into a larger, fuller set.
I spent hours on these ladies sugar skull make-up and costuming accessories! The blue one was my favorite, I have a better picture of her on my other camera.
 My sister's old homecoming dress came in handy here.
 This scene was a young couple vs their older selves. Kind of sweet, glad I had this frame they could use.
 My pink vintage skirt made an appearance. 

I ran out of time to make her bridal hat, so I quickly weaved flowers into her hair as I pulled it up into retro glamour twists and braids. You can see me peeking over her shoulder getting the next gothic bride ready to walk.
I made her necklace and the accessories the bride behind her is wearing as well.
I loved creating their hats and dress accessories almost as much as I did working on their hair and faces.

The end of a very long, exhausting day... wait weeks... no months!
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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Inspired Interiors: Bean Bag Chairs

Well, it's been a crazy ride, but we finally made our cross-country move! The nice thing about our new home, is the large finished basement where we can allow the kids to have free reign. Design possibilities allow us to have a more colorful and comfortable atmosphere there. Which is why I was really excited to come across these really neat bean bag chairs from Gone are the old vinyl, soccer ball looking ones from my youth... these are more cozy, stylish, come in an array of colors, patterns, even faux leather and lame. They can also be molded into chairs. I absolutely love the look of the above playroom. Those are definitely within my color palate of turquoise, sage, black and white, kid friendly but with a perfect sense of style for the discerning adult.These would make excellent gifts for the holidays as well, and free shipping for all of my Canadian readers! Be sure to check out their facebook page, for some really neat style ideas.

Lovin' this lavender little girls room! It doesn't take much space or energy to create a cozy reading corner. More adorable pics of this shabby chic room here on Baby Eagle T.
 My two little guys would love to dive in like this!
I love this perfect little reading and activity nook for the kid's basement. An IKEA bookcase, tables and chairs, toy storage and cozy seating in bright colors are a welcome room for any kid.  via
Ever the sucker for orange, this room morphs from little boy to growing kid quite well.  via

I have to say though, I *really* love Bean Bag Boss' metallic chairs. My Elisabeth's room has pops of gold, and I feel that golds and silvers add a touch of class to most any rooms.Would even be pretty in a modern master bedroom.

So, are you digging the new style of bean bag chairs? What's your color preference? These are cozier than the poufs craze of previous years!

*sponsored, paid for post. thank you Bean Bag Boss!

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Stress Fest

You know that kind of stress that grows from within, yet imposes from without, and it pushes and pulls you in all directions... and sometimes it is exciting and fun to see where it will take you, but other times it creates hardship and overwhelming circumstances that you have no idea how to handle, but know that you just have to keep pushing through it, and it will be over with soon... which is both a good thing but a bad thing, so you love the excitement of the unexpected, but feel the sadness and fear of everything else and you are left with a bittersweetness of it all, so not really sure what to do, say or think of it all, but what you do know is that you are overwhelmed and overtired and so not on task...? Well yeah. That is where I am right now. So, now you have the world's longest run-on sentence and a lot of pink, flowers and glitter. Because those make everything better, right?


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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Inspired Room: Lovely DIY Golden Heart Walls for a Little Girl's Room

We are on the hunt for a new rental, so I know I will be getting the decorating itch soon! Since Elisabeth will finally have her own room, I am thinking of something temporary to add lots of girly glam. Then, I saw what Holly of In the Fun Lane did to her little girl, Wren's room, and I so love it! The metallic touches will go great with the ones I have in Elisabeth's fabric garland I made.

Using these gold heart wall decals from Danielle and Paul at Urban Walls, she mapped out pretty little touches to the room for a lovely, mini-makeover. I am excited to see what else they have, perhaps something like this airplane for the boys room?

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