Thursday, September 2, 2010

Homefront: Figuring Out a Large Brick Wall Living Room

I really can't believe we've been living here for a month now. So, this is what you see when you walk into our home. A big, huge, fireplace. The paint color, I do like. The fireplace... I would love to paint it white, but can't since we're renting. Those pictures will be going up on the walls, but, what can I do with this space? I'd love to hang a mirror, but there aren't any holes, and I don't think the landlord would be thrilled with us drilling holes in a brick wall. It's just so dark and heavy feeling.

The dining area is filled with boxes and our armoir is being used as a pantry. I can't wait to paint that thing!

This, is the other side of the room.  I love how the chair rail, just kind of stops right there at the end of the dining room. ha! Cute little lamp complete with Nester tassel... though I feel this lamp is too short here.

 I'm thinking doing my gallery wall again... but I would have to spread it out somehow because this wall is so much longer than my last one and can fit two couches here. Because the room is shaped like a triangle, I can't quite figure out how to lay everything out. The couches are facing our tv in a triangle like way.

The tv is kind of caddywampus from the couches and fireplace. It is in the weird little corner off the entrance to the house. I can't really put art above it b/c the way it sits angled in the corner. Trying to figure this one out... I'm thinking of moving it in the dining section where the armoir is and putting the couches L shape to that.

I do feel this room needs an area rug, and a nice giant coffee table, but it's kind of triangular shaped. Maybe a round rug would work in here? Next up, add some drapes... I have my natural khaki colored ones, I really think they would be pretty dyed a charcoal gray, but I have no clue how to do that. I have family coming to visit this weekend, so I'll see what I can do before all arrive.  So, what do you all think about what I can do with this space?


Kristina P. said...

I really liked your picture gallery wall. Love the fireplace.

The Nester said...

Hey hon, you could still do a mirror and set it on your mantle, or, I have a feeling if you drilled in one big fat masonry nail, your landlord wouldn't notice, it's very normal for there to be a nail in the middle of a fireplace even a brick one!

Have fun getting all moved in, love the lamp and tassel!

Mel P said...

The new place is cute! At least you have color on the walls. So many rentals are painted sterile white. And I love the fireplace.

For the chair rail dilemma, I recommend putting something tall there to make the sudden lack of chair rail less noticeable. The armoire maybe?

Looking forward to seeing your solutions!

Little Lovables said...

thanks ladies, you all make me feel so much better with all of these great ideas:)

Barbie said...

A large mirror would look great just leaning on the mantle. It really is a beautiful fireplace.

Moodswings said...

definitely in need of a rug :D i love rugs! they make the house feel so cosy!

Jessie said...

I love the fireplace. I think you could lean a tall mirror up there!
How about moving the TV on the wall where the couch is? Then put the couches across from each other. I think that would fill the room up well, and you can still view the TV from both couches. Then get a big square rug to put the couches on. Then you could keep your little chair where the TV is now and hang stuff there. Where you have the couches now is a great BIG wall for your art collage! I hope that all makes sense??? lol I love your new home. It is very nice. :)

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