Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Homefront: Vintage Granny Square Afghan and final Mantel Scape

My afghan finally arrived. The description from the seller, "This is a lovingly made 1940's Granny Square afghan by my Pennsylvania Dutch nana when she was probably in her 60's. She passed seven years ago, at the age of 103. I have so many memories of her crocheting afghans for everyone in church, and those in need. I bet she made 500 or more in her lifetime."

When I got the afghan, I was amazed at the perfection of each little detail and color groupings. I really love how the main color is a dark navy, instead of black for a less severe look. I would love one in a cream color one day.

The question is, how do I clean a vintage, handmade wool afghan? I found some information online, but if anyone has any tricks, feel free to let me know.

 And this is my final mantel scape in this home. It will all be packed up by tonight. I would have changed it more than last time, but everything is already in boxes. I'm so glad I painted my mirror white. It looks so pretty with the white mantle. The white chair needs a fresh coatsoon, but I kind of like the shabbiness of the old green color showing through.

The chair was in front of a dumpster in our first apartment, we've been carrying it around for 7 years now, and the little wood truck I got at an antique mall for $7. It's so cute, it's usually on the wall in the boys room with their toy cars lined up on it, but we never had a chance to put it in their room. It's special to me because my grandpa was a truck driver. We really need to paint that armoir one day.

*why do my mirrors always look streaky? I cleaned it today!? 

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Shannon @ What's Up Whimsy said...

I really want a granny square blanket! My friend's grandmother makes them, so I am hoping she can make me one soon. I love your mantle as well!

Beth said...

Nice afghan! I would go to a yarn shop and ask for some wool soap and wash it by hand.

I have a mirror that only looks good if I use a microfiber cloth with just water. No windex! No vinegar! Just water. Use a lint free cloth to dry if needed.

Holly and Sean said...

OOh if you find out how to clean that baby please share! Someone gave Wren one and I have washed it once causing it to lose it's fluffy-ness. The whole mantle is so fun and whimsical, I love all the pieces! And the mirror looks great white~

Thanks so much for sharing in our first Fresh Coat Friday!! Can't wait to see your next project!


elisabeth (bovagoods) said...

found this blog through google. i found a granny square afghan for $10 at a local thrift store but after holding it, my hands felt really oily. ewwww.....not sure if i can get rid of that through washing.

i have purchased two other vintage afghans in the past. both times they weren't dirty but, naturally, i wanted to clean them before using.

all i did was soak them in cold water with oxy clean overnight. rinse on the delicate cycle and spin. then i hung them over the banister to dry. both were fine, it worked beautifully.

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