Monday, November 26, 2012

Homefront: Thanksgiving 2012

I do hope that everyone had a fantabulous Thanksgiving! My sister and her family came down and what adventures we had! Six days wasn't enough :) My sis and mom got massages, we went to Bass Pro Shops, ate a lot of food, stayed up till 5am talking, dressed Lil' Bit like a diva princess, watched Walking Dead, Once Upon a Time, Brave, Spiderman and tons of YouTube, celebrated our freedoms...

 We found this working air hockey table on the side of the road. Score!
 Blocking the driveway so they could ride around.
 Hubster prying the kids away from electronics with an impromptu shooter game.
Addicted to MINECRAFT!!!
 Her first time feeding herself in a booster seat~  mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce. Yumm!!
 The clan... we always get lots of looks when going out with all "the boys"!
 Her first Santa experience. My usually happy baby, well... she cried. he boys were so impressed.
These creepy little elves were everywhere. I totally want one.. or three.
 She kept staring at the reindeer, so I had to flip her around to get a good shot... until the elf came 'round and told us to move b/c we were in the Santa shots... ooopps!!
 He's doing Mr. Gold/ Rumpelstiltskin from Once Upon a Time here...
Her daddy does a great job dressing her!
Bit Bit's excited face.
 Spontaneous zombie action.
 Yes, they are a family of clowns.
Let the Madness of the last of the holidays... begin!

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