Friday, August 31, 2012

Inspired Interior: Bedazzled

I love browsing craigslist. I find real gems sometimes... In this case, I found a lot! I see potential, creativity and personality here, some really neat pieces of furniture too, great job, Sammy! I also see that someone got a little carried away with a bedazzler. I wonder if we know when we have gone too far? Sometimes, it's good to question that, I suppose. I would have loved to see the creativity here of the gems used in a large scale piece, like a large art piece or the entire screen wall or coffee table or a chandy dripping with jewels... as opposed to a little bit speckled everywhere. What do you think? Interestingly, I'm totally inspired now to take one huge item and just craft jewel the living heck out of it. I do have colorful ones for sale here, maybe I need to add clear ones to the mix? All this furniture, and accessories, with diamond trim (including a bedroom I didn't show), is available for $4,000.


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1 comment:

Anne Farrell said...

Good God - it's hideous!

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