Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Homefront: Simple Valentine's Day Craft Decorating

This is a Christmas hurricane glass candle holder that came with faux pine needle/cone wreath to display around the base. My husband won it from his work White Elephant Christmas Party, (and yet he brought something "funny" a Schticky Lint remover, but his the year before, a fancy toilet scrubber was a hit... I digress).

I wanted to hussy it up for Valentine's Day... so I got out my glue gun and silvery craft jewels (that you can order from me here) for this craft. If you want less permanent jewels, than you can use glue dots instead of hot glue.
Then, I tied a ribbon around it, added some romantical doodads like craft pearls, ginormous diamond rings, plastic crystals, a paper doily and a wood letter... and there you go. Remember the bedazzled red room I posted earlier? Well this would fit in there for sure! But I like to keep the bling to a minimum.
 I love keeping white taper candles in an assortment of jars and vessels.

Even for a person who doesn't go all out on holiday decorating, like how I went *teensy weensy* overboard with my "mantel"... doing a fun and simple staging area like this for holiday related items can bring just a bit of that fun and sparkle into your home. My kids always love it! 
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