Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Baby Bit's Impromtu Photo Shoot

Miss 'Liss wore her first spot of lipstick today, at just a few days shy of 7 months old. So, this is what happens, when mommy is a hairstylist, a clown, has been surrounded by 6 little boys for the past several years, and is playing with her early Christmas present... 

Then, once I turn around, she introduces herself, to well... herself. She has always loved getting dolled up and smiling at herself in the mirror! Ignoring my messy room would be so kind, I'm a mom, not a maid.

 Yes, she has her first black eye... from trying to stand up and bonking her face on her crib.
 Poor baby! Elisabeth kisses are the very best kisses.

May we all be just as happy when we look at ourselves in the mirror. I hope she never loses that.

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1 comment:

Jessie said...

How sweet. She is so adorable.

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