Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mantel Decorating

Pink, black and turquoise, love this. Very Alice in Wonderland with the artwork and eclectic vibe. The scale and slightly off symmetry of everything is just perfect.

I love Spring decorating, and I love decorating my mantle, but I don't quite feel it's ready yet to take out the Easter decorations. The Easter box is here and ready to go, but maybe I'll hold off for another week. In the meantime, my mantle has lots of white, some aqua and soft pastel green to make the transition.

There are some wonderful ideas out there, whether you prefer to decorate by the seasons, or by what you love. If your style is shabby chic, vintage inspired, retro, mid century modern, colorful kitsch, contemporary, traditional, eclectic, a little bit country gothic... there is an idea for everyone here.

The wallpaper, pink rug and the whites with the wood floor are all lovely. The simple touch of the framed neutral colored art above the mantle and flowers are not overwhelming, but still charming. ~inspiration for decoration

Apartment Therapy + decorating tips love the unique shape of the brass vase, candles and the oval mirror. The symmetry is lovely and so are the colors. Look at the little square tiles on the fireplace, love it!

My two fav colors with aqua, is yellow & orange. This room has it all. Simple, colorful. ~Shop Ursula

Add a piece of mantle art! You should see the before, flip through the slideshow here... what a huge difference some color and a little update can make! I know this transformation is pretty large and intensive, but you can paint the bricks white (I've done it and loved it), slipcover your couches and pillows, change out a few accessories, or even paint a few pieces to match, paint your walls, simplify what you have and that's really all. It sounds more than it really is. -Better Homes and Gardens
One of my favorites, The brass wheat scones are a theme we love too. I usually hang my mirrors horizontally, but the vertical style allows for taller vases on a narrow ledge and adds drama. ~Elle Decor

Copper mantle sfgirlbybay is lovely and rich. The mid century modern sunburst mirror and fawn figruine is adorable. The soft pink flowers in the aqua watering can... simple and lovely ~homebug

analisa's white fireplace is simple and gorgeous with it's minimal accessories, and bazaar style features a modern funky shaped mirror with retro art and deer figurine. Love the aqua and red.

Techinacally a Christmas mantle, due to the bleached bottle brush trees little fawn and tree, but her husband's homemade wood scrap wreath and paper flowers can be year round! ~rock paper scissors

Ornate, beautiful and still homey with the clean lines of the black iron bed and unfussy bedding. Love the aqua and white with a modern romantic touch. I love the open space on the mantel, I do that too.

One ornate white fireplace mantel with a gallery frame wall, lovely! Mariu de Andre's Home Elle Decor UK

Shabby white and slender brass letter V feels so elegant together, and the pop of pink flowers is perfect.
The firelace houses a quilt rack for a cozy reading nook. Love this artistic home library. ~sfgirlbybay

If you don't have a formal mantle, install a wooden shelf and call it done! The vintage and antique mirrors and silver vessels piled together adds some pizazz to the room without being distracting.

A simple vinyl sticker or painted design looks great as a centerpiece when it is a neutral color and has soft lines. Small grouping of photos, flowers and special momentos are a perfect intimate addition to a mantel without feeling too staged or showy. The neutral color scheme is cool and casual.
I love these mirrors, the fact she uses them in alternating gray and white and they fit the space perfectly just astounds me. It's a big focal point, but simple vases and a stack of books add minimal decor so it isn't too overwhelming. Mommy Suprise Contemporary Mirror Mantel

One of my favorites! The crystal garland, curvy white vintage dresser mirror, white button wreath and all sorts of haberdashery and candelabras are lovely and chic. The roses add softness. ~Golden Paws

This feels Country Gothic to me, the huge mirrored window pane and sconses are gorgeous. Look up at the branch inspired chandelier and wooden beams! Alicia Wardenss, Better Homes and Gardens

I love the grey, detailed mantle with the simplicilty of the brass candlesticks, pencil profile sketch, white bud vases and the greenery cuttings. Staged, but cozy and inviting. ~decorology

Typography fans gather 'round! We have a bingo spinner, blocks and all sorts of vintage letters and numbers. The ornate mantle feels at home here, and it's elegance is muted with the colorful rust.

Twice Remembered Mantel's has an assortment of frames, a single letter and topiaries.
julie's super kitschy nick knack mantle is like a shrine of wonderment and and marky1969's fireplace is unique and eclectic. Dramatic black with floral tiles and mustard wallpaper in a bold white flower pattern, they keep it simple with a single white vase with flowers and tall, slender white candlesticks.

This is one crazy mantle! It has everything one needs to feel at home in their quirky little abode. This is the no holds barred style, hey, and if it makes you happy, it makes me happy! Apartment Therapy

Layla, used a vintage headboard to emphasize her fireplace. I love her mantle decor, simple, elegant but maximum style, as usual at The Lettered Cottage.
Even more mantle styling inspiration goodness can be found at Matters of Style, and at Little Green Notebook. Some amazing ones there. Tomorrow... turn  that mantle find of yours into a cozy diy headboard.


Kristina P. said...

We have a fireplace, but no mantle! Waaaaaah.

Kelli said...

So much fun. I love each of those for different reasons. Too bad we don't have a fireplace.

Little Lovables said...

We didn't have a fireplace either for a long time.

I put a shelf up over my tv and that was my mantle!


~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Love those mantles!

Linda B said...

Great items, but we don't have a fireplace nor mantel either.

Love turquoise and peach, too.

Jules AF said...

I love these pictures!

Little Lovables said...

turquoise and peach... that is perfect!

Gabriela said...

What lovely place you have here!
A lot of inspiration and fun, thanks you so much!!!

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

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