Saturday, August 8, 2009

Oh Yellow or Orange, Will You Marry Me? -signed turquoise (your color lover)

aqua, blue, bird, sunshine, gicleee, art, bird
farouche bright sunshiny day giclee print

A vast majority of my posts have featured some form of blue as of late. But really, is that so wrong? Better on my blog than all over my apartment, lest the children go hungry and bills unpaid! So, I thought I would enchant your eyes with aqua/turquoise and see what is the tastier pair, yellow or orange?

kitty rogers ttv remington no. 2 typewriter fine art photography print orange
kitty rogers ttv remington no. 2 typewriter

anthro anthropologie aqua turquoise jacket orange buttons
aqua + orange anthropologie jacket

sfgirlbybay diptych fisher price vintage dolls + vintage chairs from abby hendrickson's home

yellow, aqua, turquoise,blue, willow, print, fine art photography
ara133 photography willow

rabbit, bunny, art, cute, illustration, aqua, yellow, girl tolliopop
tollipop field trip

modish vintage pennsylvania dutch tin platter
modish vintage pennsylvania dutch tin platter

jeweled ambrosia (me!) bead and rhinestone hoop earrings

tty photography, flower, yellow, aqua, orange, turquoise, kitty rogers
kitty rogers delight tty print

elfin elf baby newborn infant beanie hat orange aqua turquoise
mad about colour elfin baby hat

joojoo clay terrarium mushrooms orange, aqua, polka dot
joojoo clay terrarium mushrooms

art, illustration, aqua, yellow, turquoise, retro, kitchen mixer
christine berrie retro kitchen mixer

atlas paper punch numbers map
bombus craft atlas numbers

bunny, wall art, jewelry holder, aqua, yellow, blue, rabbit, pop art
mary beth's art bunny jewelery wall holder

orange, blue, rocking horse, felt brooch, kid, cute
little lovables (me again!) rocking horse felt brooch

aqua, turquoise, blue, orange, anthropologie, anthro, layered chain necklace, coral
aqua + orange + chain anthropologie layered necklace

So, what is the consensus? Everyone knows aqua is superior with red, but who is the runner up, yellow or orange... or do you have another suggestion?


Cathy said...

cute blog! thanks so much for featuring my tin tray!

La Alicia said...

OMGOSH! I love your selects!

bodoba said...

My votes for orange but they're gorgeous pics!

Melissa said...

Yellow. Of course orange is spectacular, but yellow. Yellow is never not right!

Heather said...

I too absolutely LOVE blue! I think I like the orange better.

Marie Antionette said...

What kool eye candy.But I really love the blue jacket.XXOO Marie Antionette

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Gorgeous! All of it! I'm a total sucker for that shade of blue, too. And I'm not usually a big yellow girl, but I liked that combo!

Betsy said...

absolutely...they must get married...a match made in heaven! LOL

Chantel Monet said...

Yellow! My kitchen is yellow and turquoise and I love it! Amazing picks!

Julia said...

Such pretty things. I love the photography.

b. said...

cute, cute post!

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