Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Inspired Room: Designing with Mustard and Chartreuse

I love the combination of everything here. It seems like too much mustard, but the soft floral pillows in the pinks, the roses, the pale blue throw and those industrial light fixtures make it all work. Not to mention the lovely rug, wow. The picture frames matching the legs on the sofa and the dark wood floors add balance through color. Artful Arranging

I may not have revealed this before, but mustard and chartreuse are two of my favorite decorating colors. Decor8 had blogger and Color Consultant Rachel Perls write a little about decorating with these colors here.

I believe this room is simply perfection.  Mustard looks great with so many colors, but if you want it to pop, keeping it in clean lines and paired with black and white geometric prints seems to be a crisp, and popular choice. One thing I love about decorating in neutrals, is adding and removing colors on a whim is so easy. Living etc.

 "Designers Jean Norman and Meredith Ladik love peeks of art or photography on bookshelves, atop mantels, inside display armoires, or in unexpected spots, such as leaning against a chair back."Artful Arranging 

Even adding these colors to an outdoor space can really brighten up a dreary patio that doesn't boast much color or have a lot of flower garden elements.

A mustard chair, white plank floors and gray polka dot walls with a wallpaper flanking a white mantle, industrial pendant lamps, and aqua vintage duck caddy and a lovely table filled with books. A bear statue with a horse and cowboy photo on the mantle... every element is gorgeous. House to Home via decor8

The chartreuse pillows mixed with aqua and a touch of pink is an interesting mix, but it works. I love the polka dots mixed in here with the geometric pattern on the rug. House Beautiful via Home Designing.

Same with chartreuse and the geometric prints. I love how they went with linen and chocolate instead of black and white to keep the crispness, without being too harsh. ~ Taylor Howes

I never would have thought I would have like the red comforter just laying on top of the blue blanket before... but I love it! And that bedside table, beautiful. The mustard comes in the form of design in the headboard, the upholstered chair and golden tones on the frames. Living etc.

"Very small pieces of art can sometimes drown in big expanses of bare walls. Instead, seek out cozy spots to tuck these tiny treasures. Try the back of a bookshelf, an oddly shaped corner, or minuscule stretch of wall in a small bathroom or kitchen" ~ Artful Arranging

For those who love color, adding small doses in a variety keeps a comfortable feeling without being married to a specific color and  design concept. This is a good way to add in new colors, that one would typically find too bold or shy away from.

I love the simplicity here. Usually the small photo over the bed would annoy me, but because the room is s basic, but with a clear design and minimal color concept, I am quite fond of that little sock monkey.  the 10 cent designer via sfgirlbybay.

I can imagine, that this wall color changes throughout the course of the day when the sun shines through the home, then again when it withdraws. I love the natural wood and white with the mustard walls. Aren't those pendant lights amazing? Joe Nahem via Elle Decor.
Gray, now I'm in heaven. A blast of mustard yellow in the art and the flowers are gorgeous. But the pairing with the gray sofa is my favorite. Elle Decor design by Nate Berkus

This is the same sofa design as the first photo, but without the industrial lights and new pictures, and the chartreuse and mustard remain on the lower half of the room only. Creating a little gallery wall like this is easy... directions here and the peonie download here. Artful Arranging

If you are still not sold on these colors, and you don't want to go out a buy a new knick-knack, pillow or can of paint to introduce it to your room... then settle with a bouquet of flowers to see how it brightens your area.


Kristina P. said...

I am not a big fan of Chartreuse, but I do love yellow and mustard.

Kristina P. said...

BTW, I am doing another giveaway on my blog, if you want to participate. You are under no obligation whatsoever. I think your Twilight jewelry would do well right now.

LiPeony said...

wow I've never seen how little things can make or break a room. It's interesting to see how mustard can be incorporated in so many ways... love the mustard colored walls and it's such a warm color I'd might want that in a kitchen =D

Jackie Wonders :: photography blog said...

stumbled upon your blog looking for mustard couches...do you know where this lovely is from?!?!

heather said...

i've had this post saved in my favorites for months... that first picture... i can't stop thinking about that rug!!! do you know where it's from?



Unknown said...

I'm a bit scared of rubbish in my house

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