Friday, October 2, 2009

Mobile Finery. Hanging by a Thread

Mobiles. Gravity gracing, trinket laden, movable works of kinetic whimsy. They can be modern in design, vintage or organic. They can be colorful for use in nurseries or playrooms, or elegant enough for a centerpiece in a living room. They can be romantic and serene for a bedroom, or cluttered and crazy for a craft room. They can be a sophisticated and intricate piece of art, or a quick kid friendly craft.

You can purchase one made from specialty materials and expert craftsmanship, or you can create your own using bits of fabric or lace, tiny treasures, craft or homemade birds and nests, feathers, seashells, antique spoons, tiny bones, paper butterflies, paper anything, origami, glittered stars, photographs, fishing line, ribbon, embroidery hoops, wire, twigs. (Three tutorials in this post alone!) I have seen them in many themes, cars, flowers, magic shows, circus, sewing room, holiday, retro kitchen...

What a better way to enhance a corner with a grouping of lovely and little items? In the world of mobiles, the sky is the limit, truly. Even more mobile hangery ideas here at sew mama sew.  I know what I will be doing this weekend. Ready, Set, Collect!



















the undomesticated wife said...

These are so fun! Maybe I'll try to make one myself. Great inspiration!

surfy birdy said...

thank you for posting this lovely post on mobiles! i love them all so much. and it makes me happy to have my bright feather mobile included in the lovely bunch! i have a new mobile i did pictured on my latest blog post. i love making them! thanks for the inspiration. xo
peace & love.

Leanne of Folk said...

ahhh!! mobiles are my favorite!! these are some exceptional ones. thank you for the inspiration! i may have to one this weekend, now.... ;)

chloejessica said...

I love all these mobiles! Especially Rachel loves peace! :)

joanna of simple blueprint said...

wow! love these. the spool sewing bird mobile is my favorite and the anthro design team for grayhood.

hope you are having a great weekend. joanna

Sylvie said...

Thanks for including my link to the Lyndie Dourthe floral mobile! It's a great variety that you've gathered here. So inspiring.
You might appreciate a couple of others. One is a Christmas branch I did:
and the other is a parasol mobile I photographed at a friend's home:

CHEERS! Sylvie

Little Lovables said...

thanks Sylvie! I love those, the parasol mobile is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

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Thanks for sharing, good luck.

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