Saturday, October 17, 2009

Glass. Flowers. Doilies. Jazz Hands

With a little bit of glass, a little bit of light, a little bit of ingenuity, a little bit of floral influence~ you can turn a small space into a magical realm of whimsy and escape. Truly, I use spaghetti jars, old teriyaki bottles... I keep all of that stuff and reuse them as vases, and even drinking glasses. Isn't is amazing to see what can be done with old doilies, lace, bottle caps  and an end table?

lisa congdon's show display via feepeople

  country living lace garland window treatment 

Take just a little bit of time and redefine a small space today with something you already own in your home or office~ a shelf, corner, night stand, windowsill, you will be glad you did. It's relaxing to sometimes set a stressful thing aside for 20 minutes to spend on beautifying something small and serene, without having to leave the house and go shopping. You can do it for free in your jammies. Sounds nice to me!


Christie Cottage said...

I love the old sink and the floral arrangement too.

Thank you for posting on my blog blast thread. I am following you.

Unknown said...

I love ALL your photos- I am crazy for all old bottles and have collected many, love them massed together! The lace swag is great too!
such a lovely blog...

Little Lovables said...

I like to glue rhinestone brooches on my glass bottles and line them all up on the shelf.

Really, I should take a picture of this one day!

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

The bottlecap earrings are great! I love doilies, so intricate and beautiful.

bodoba said...

I would never think to make bottlecap earrings. How innovative!

icandy... said...

You have such an enchanting place, Lisa! I really enjoyed my visit...I'll be back real soon!
Happy day,

Anonymous said...

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