Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring and Easter Decorating

I have been bitten by the spring bug... I pulled out my speckled egg wreath the other day and was immediately inspired. My mother found a golden wire Cinderella inspired carraige she knew I would love, and grabbed it up for me (thanks mommy!!). I took some antique white acrylic paint and dry brushed the gold-leafed wires, so it has a shabby appearance and is now perfect. I can repaint it anytime! A moss covered bunny, vintage chandelier prisms and painted paper mache eggs are now at home.

My next project (hopefully) will be a moss paper mached letter, similar to this one, but in a different font. You can order yours from Simple Sweet Design.

I also took my little nest and added some bobbles and eggs that I think a robin with an eye for vintage goodness would enjoy. I put it on a candle pedestal for dimension.
bird nest shabby chic vintage bobbles

Here, I took some old brooches I haven't used in my jewelry designs yet, and added some Springtime sparkle to a boring ole lampshade.

vintage jeweled robins egg nest
decorate shabby chic lamp shade vintage jewelry brooches
Martha has a great make your own nest on her site HERE, using wire, branches and pussy willow. She has another cute nest idea where you simple double stick tape around the exterior of a bowl then wind it with pretty yarns for a fuzzy nest. She (or her craft team) is so clever. Clever as birds.

I love this egg garland on her site (tutorial HERE), I just may be making one this week, if I get my custom orders done first and feel ambitious afterwards!

Also, I new Spring Fashion inspired jewelry that I will be listing in my Jeweled Ambrosia shop the next week, so check back soon!! Here's a sneek peek....

spring fashion apple locket umbrella vintage jewelry

Also, I'm not to sure what this is all about at Cupid's Charm, but it looks exciting, and will definately be checking it out! Anything Marie, is all right by me :)

This is linked to A Soft Place to land's DIY DAY Mclinky for 2010. I haven't put my spring decor up yet, so I pulled from last season :)


Aisha said...

I just love spring! I like how you always decorate with the seasons and holidays :) Your umbrella necklace is adorable!

Little Lovables said...

I worked in a salon, where everytime the seasons changed, we made huge elaborate displays and it was always so fun and beautiful!

We decorated for them when I was a kid too, and since my space is very limited here, I like to have my one (and only) display shelf decorated for myself, and they kids, my son loves it :)

Samantha said...

The decorating is adorable, it looks like you've had a lot of fun, I love getting creative around the house like that too.

That moss letter is a neat idea, I've had a big bag of moss from an old project sitting in a drawer for years. :)

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

You've got so many projects going on at once! I've got to go look at your vintage bottles and happy to see you're part of the Marie celebration, I'm looking forward to participating too. See you there! ~Tracie

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