Sunday, March 2, 2008

Blessing Day

Today was our baby's blessing day. It's not the same as a christening or baptism, as we wait till the age of 8 as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, but the baby blessing serves to formally put the child's name in the records of the church. It is also like a father's blessing, totally inspired of blessings and promises of things to come in the childs life if they remain faithful.

His father gave him the blessing, as he did our first son, and it was beautiful. Some of the promises were that he would be "blessed with the sweet experiances of the Holy Ghost, that you may be able to walk in darkness having the light of the Lord one step in front of you." That means, that in times of hardship, that the Lord will be there guiding my son. This is just one of the beautiful promises said. My lovely aunt made his blessing outfit, complete with a little vest and tie!

On another note... my oldest did his first ACEO !! I think it interesting he chose the markers green and blue to color on a card with the word "Yellow", and an image of a mustaced man holding yellow ballons below a big yellow square.

He is such a true mixed media artist, perhaps he used these color combinations to speak about art and function? The yellow card... he added a blue marker, and the green marker to show what happens when blue and yellow are mixed? The man holding the balloons under a square, could be like withholding freedom in a boxed in world? I especially love how he put his whole heart, soul, and face in this piece. (Anything is better than his poopoo paintings... I will spare you the pics this time).

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