Monday, March 17, 2008

Alchemy and A Future Surprise!

So, Etsy has a new feature, Alchemy, where buyers can post requests for custom made items, and sellers bid on the chance to make them. Well, it's been there before, but is has been brought back. Although it is being abused (sellers asking for buyers and for custom items that are already available through searches)... it has opened a doorway for other awesome creations! I have been accepted to make two alchemy custom requests so far, and I'm super excited.

One is a set of paper dolls using actual photographs, and the other is a pair of monster finger puppets... (hmmm, perhaps these will make a good tutorial segment later this week, maybe even a permanent fixture in my shop!)

But, what REALLY excited me today when I checked my Etsy was KarmaRox's treasury. It made the front page. There is an item on the treasury that has to do with a new line (I know, another one!) that I am coming out with. If you can guess what that new thing is by looking at the treasury, I just may have to give away a little prize.

Also, I have to give a special thanks to a wonderful Etsy seller, Simply Metal. She has been a true help and inspiration to me and I beg everyone to go and check out her wonderful shop! I can't wait to start working with the wonderful jewelry pieces I recieved from her.


Waterrose said...

That's a very cool front page treasury!

HRH said...

So beautiful. Love the idea of the monsters...can't wait to see them.

The Time Is Now said...

I've been willing away my time at the Alchemy. It does see its share of abuse, but so far I've got great ideas from there, even if I didn't bid on anything. Great idea.

Oh, the pieces you got from simplymetal are gorgeous! I love the crown.

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