Monday, March 24, 2008

Something Different

So, I started a thread about going broke for supplies several weeks ago, and I was amazed about how many people felt the same! I met another seller who just loves beads and ACEO's and we agreed to do a little trade. She "commishioned" some Die de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) ACEO's. I made 3, what do you think of them?

I have never done anything like that, but secretly always wanted to, but felt like I would be a "poser" (high school term, anyone?) for doing something out of my culture. I went to Tiajuana several years ago, almost got hit by a crazy taxi, didn't master the art of haggling, gave away lots of nickles for "chicle" children, and came back with a cute Day of the Dead figurine, but alas, that broke a long time ago! I did have a lot of fun there though!

So, I want to challenge everyone out there, to go and research a different cultural/ethnic topic, and to make a creation out of it. It may help you expand your mind, try a new color pallet or technique, and teach you a new appreciation for other art forms. It's good to get out of your element every now and then. When you want to feel safe again, go back into your box.

Yours eyes have been feasting on the amazing jewelry of the lady who will be recieving these ACEO's?! Her shop name is Susan Clare, and she specializes in trade beads and her handmade jewelry and they are truly beautiful! So, for your next supply or jewelry fix, you know where to look.


Anonymous said...

How Fun!

Mama Stone said...

Beautiful jewelry!

The ACEOs are awesome, too! Great work!

Julie said...

Hello! I found your blog when you posted a comment on mine. Your blog is so beautiful and such a great resource for handmade items! I will come back here often to visit!

By the way, I can resize your blog header, if you still need help with that. Contact me at


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