Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Glitter Lung and Lord of the Rings, Star Wars Kid Matrix version... this is just too funny!

I just love love LOVE this article. I think I have a case of fur lung when I am cutting up fur on my puppets. I have been wanting to use glitter on my ACEO's lately... I wonder if I should wear a mask... maybe a dainty bandana would do?

And since we are being funny today, I absolutely MUST show my geekster side with 3 of my favorite Google videos, and link you to the most hilarious LOTR song, evar. I am a Lord of the Rings nut (have read them and the Silmarillion many times)... and my husband and I quiz each other daily on the movie quotes. It is a sad, sad fact, but it keeps the marriage fun (that and the fact that he slightly resembled Legolas when we first met, minus the tights, naturally.)

"How The Lord of the Rings, Should Have Ended"

"Star Wars Kid... Matrix Style"

"Potatoes, Boil 'em Mash 'em Stick em in a Stew" by Enigma Monkey

Remember the dialogue between Gollum and Sam... about the potatoes and the "brace of conies"? Well, this is a little techno "mash-up" of the song, and it is hi-larious!!!

And this last video, well, not many people think it is as funny as I do (they look at me weird when I show it to them)... but if you are a TRUE fan... you just may bust a gut laughing.

"Lord of the Rings Voice Over"

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