Saturday, March 30, 2013

Homefront: Colorful Spring Easter Mantel

There are few times a year when pastels can be made front and center, so I embrace it when I can. The mantle/ikea expedit shelf was done a few weeks ago, (shocker), but it didn't ever feel *just right*. When I brought this sweet smelling hyacinth home last night, I knew just what to do. I wrapped the flower pot in a scrap of burlap and tied it off with a pretty pink, polka -dot bow, just like how I did my mason jar craft (tutorial here).

I received this Velveteen Rabbit book as a gift when I was 7 years old. The Jesus picture came from this visit at a lovely antique shop. It appears that I like bunny rabbits. One day, I will add lambs and chicks to my Easter line up. But really, a beak mask just wouldn't be as cute as a bunny ear headband.

I used my white frame once again as a wreath holder. Makes a cute impact on an otherwise lonely wall.

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Easy DIY Spring Easter Egg Wreath Tutorial

I have had this wintery wreath on my door since well, winter. I figured, I had better update it, but didn't have the time.  First, I tucked the berries and pinecones behind the wreath. I grabbed this egg garland I already had and tied it onto the wreath with twine and craft pearls to tame the pine needles back, and then I tucked some fake flowers in there. I think it turned out really cute! It took less than 10 minutes, required absolutely zero sewing or gluing, and I can take it apart in minutes if I want to reuse the materials again.

Recycling holiday crafts and supplies is the best!

You can also take a figurine, like my adorable little bunny here, and glue or wire it down. So, Easter is tomorrow... you have *plenty* of time to do something like this!

Also, tonight we will be planting a magical Easter jellybean garden, along with many other pinterest inspired families. In the morning, lollipops or peeps should arise in their place... hopefully these beans work!


Friday, March 29, 2013

Homefront: The Nursery of Elisabeth Rose

 Miss 'Liss is 10 months old and I am finally getting around to posting nursery pics! This was a fun and rather simple project, full of collecting and thrifting and creating, and yet I still have more ideas. This isn't really her room. This is her corner, in my room. We are short a bedroom so she stays in our for now. There are plenty of perks in that... for now anyways. Turquoise seems to be a theme with me, even my boy's nursery was turquoise and blue. I guess I either a) really like the color or b) it's always available and since I thrift a lot, I get what I find!

Wooden chandelier is from uncommon. I draped the turquoise beads on for fun. I have finally replaced the changing table knobs with faux mercury glass ones from Hobby Lobby, so just imagine it ;)  Pillows are thrifted vintage, chair was a free roadside find.

I made this rag garland, and it's about 6 feet long. Some of the fabric in there is from pajamas that my big ole pregnant belly ripped open. I kid you not. Sentimental, maybe, or just plain weird? I talk about how I made this here. I love a little touch of metallic and would like to incorporate more in this space, but for now, I hole punched gold circles out of a gift bag and hot glued them onto a white ribbon. Glittered star was a garage sale find. I totally love this project, and it was practically free and a large centerpiece for a wall.

These IKEA curtains were perfect and on sale for $4! I wish there were more. I didn't want to hang curtain rods, so I tied them up with twine. Stuffed bird is thrifted, the lamb rattle plushie and is the first official baby toy gift to Elisabeth.

This IKEA crib we bought from a friend. We sanded it down and spray painted it, because I was just *so* desperate for a white crib. Crib linens and that adorable owl are also all thrifted.

Miss Rose. This was two months ago, and she has grown several inches of fluffy hair and a tooth since!
I pulled out my 80's vintage toys! Of course, they weren't vintage when I had them as a kid! Hugga Bunch, Kermit, Miss Piggy (my sister's actually), yellow Honey Bear, white Popple, Ellaroo from the Wuzzles, Pluto, and some other little sentimental ones. The pink and ivory lambs were mine and my sister newborn gifts. (awe). And the little thumb sucking money I got the day my little brother was "born" into our family! (He was adopted from South Korea, so we had a special ceremony.) The white wicker shelf is a garage sale find.

I see you!  That is the corner of our bed and Elisabeth's favorite spot to play. That is where I sit in front of the mirror to do my make-up, and she loves jumping all over me as I struggle to do my eyeliner. Fun times! Now, I simply give her some baby treats in the crib until my eyes are done.
 They loves each others.
 It's always puppet time. Speaking of our old toys, this was my husband's rat puppet as a kid.

 And here is what we usually look like in this room. Sleepy! But having her so close makes it easy to quickly take care of her at night. So that is it. Eventually, I will get around to showing the room in its entirety, after finishing up a few other projects in here.


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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

February Madness

It's been since Valentine's Day that I have blogged! Don't get me wrong, I have TRIED. But blogger keeps blocking my access and freezing up during my posts, then deleting them!! Grrrrrr. So, what have I been up too aside from cursing this computer? Millions of things, life has been a whirlwind! But here is the lowdown, because it is so important, of course.
I have been so dang busy, that I bought Valentines from the store (instead of hand making them) and my little guy and I worked on them together. Funny thing is, when I asked my boys what they wanted me to get, they told me I knew best. *yesss!* Wonder how long that will last? So, Star Wars for the boys and Cinderella for the girls it was.
Note, all of the laundry piles, and mega kitchen clean up going on back there. Neglecting duties due to being crazy busy. At one point, we even slept on the couches because of the piles of nearly folded laundry on the bed.

Been busy mugging on this little bit for a while. She is *this close* to walking, just turned 10 months. She absolutely loves hanging upside down, growing out of her clothes and eating. Her one, bottom tooth, blonde fauxhawk and rosy cheeks are adorable.

Been busy doing face painting and working (and playing) at the salon and other events. It's usually the prepwork (like that gingerbread house there) that destroys the house and my sleep cycle!
We finally pulled out this alien head kit. The boys had fun making it and painting it. The hubs and I painted the details in at the end. 
 Caleb being a most excellent model.
I have been failing at the homework department, so Isaac had to help me remember to sign it :) So... what all have you been up to?
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