Monday, August 31, 2009

Ode to White Vintage

 must... resist... purchasing vintage tulle dresses... urge... too strong

I believe it's time to start sharing with you the rest of the photos from my recent antique mall visit! Today's theme, is white and cream shabby chic. Really, is there anything better? 

the dress forms, the canopy, the scalloping of the table...

oh, seashell curtains, cement round table, how I long for you...

my seashell heart is growing faint...

must rest on lovely sittery under loverlier awning...

dear feathers, how you tickle so sweet...

like white glowing paper suns out to tea...

with ladies in their best vintage hats...


jotting notes on their sweet altered art gift tags

lazing on a mustard chair by a shabby mantle, so sweet...
 soon must sit at lovely table for sweet treats to eat.

oh birdcage, oh baby crib, oh dress form so tatty...
here for so long b. vereycken, 1829, have you been naughty?

a grande 6 foot birdcage, no really it's true...

now here's my favorite paintings (by Huldah Jeffe Cherry), and so to you, I say adieu!

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Shoes, Glorious Shoes

betcha you can make these with the beacon fabri-tac perm adhesive in my last tutorial!

Today was a get it done day. No, of course I don't mean laundry... though I, with the help of the hubs did manage to run a load of dishes and put freshly washed (okay sitting out for 2 days) slipcovers back on our couches.

But today, was the day where we went out as a family, ran mad errands, visitng the pet store for flea control and fell in love with many sweet critters since it was adoption day. Did you know I used to work at a vet clinic... oh the things I have seen! The horrors!

in love with this mirror

Well, a large part of our day was shopping for shoes. The boys both lost the only pairs they will wear which means the young one has been barefoot for the past several weeks and the older one has been wearing his massively large cowboy boots when he isn't barefoot. Don't get me wrong, we have plenty of shoes, the boys just refuse to wear them.

nevie pie cakes too cute to eat

I of course, found some shoes as well, but buyers remorse has kicked in on one pair in particular and I will be returning them next week. So, even though my shoes are not red and aqua, I thought the theme was appropriate since those are wonderful colors and it was a wonderful day. (even though I massacred dinner and the sweet husband had to salvage it for me because I just gave up)

gaga for garlands
gingham spool wreath, clever and perfect

Friday, August 28, 2009

Frou Frou n Glue, Ruffled Lace T-Shirt Makeover Tutorial

Hello, one and all. I love lacy things. Do you love lacy things? I had a shirt with a stain. Something I do not love. No matter, I have 3 (yes, 3) of the same exact shirt. Danskin grey v-neck, it is a part of my body.

Anywho, I decided to cover this stain. You must remember how much I hate to sew, I can do it, but it scares me, hence the lack of puppets in my shop as of late. I digress. I would not have used this much lacy area at first, but the stain was pretty far down so I had to keep layering the lace until it was covered. This photo is before I cut the lace, I was just eyeballing it.

I got me some good fabric glue, Beacon Adhesives Fabri-Tac Permanent Adhesive... that does survive multiple washings. (my hubby took tons of photos while I was doing this, but now I can't find them!)

I got me some lace. It's new, cheap, starchy, stiff... this project would have looked tons tons tons better had I used my perfect vintage soft lace, but I am a hoarder of good supplies, I just can't bear to cut it up. I even tried tea staining this stuff but it's all acrylic and junk so the stain didn't take.

First, I glued the lace around the neckline. Then I just kind of eyeballed everything else. The lace "bib" was way too big, so I just trimmed it when I was done for a better shape, if you leave the last inch or so of each lace piece unglued down, this will work much better! (Oh, be sure to put a board or book or something inside the shirt to protect the last layer. After you are satisfied with the shape, tuck the lace edges under just a tad. and glue down. Let sit for 24 hours before washing, but really, I waited maybe 20 minutes before I tried the shirt on.

Wallah! A vintage brooch or bow would look neat at the apex of the v if you really want to go for a Victorian look. Really though, this is a simple and easy version of a bib, jabot, collar, cravat, ascot... whate'er you wish to call it.

Linked here, visit them for lots of great ideas:  The Train to Crazy's Make it Wear it Link PartyKimba's A Soft Place to Land.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

You are So Invited

Well, at least you would be invited if I had thrown this absolutely stunning party. I found it at Mrs. Blandings. through the extraordinary talent of David Jimenez. The only complaint I have is that I am not sitting at a chair in front of that amazing cake. I mean, can it be anymore amazing? (chandler bing voice there)

Would it not be fun to make a virtual party? We can pick a theme and colors, then everyone is assigned something to photograph (balloons, lightening, cake stand, fancy chair, cakes, place setting, flowers, table, yourself in a party dress...) Send them to me and I will create the final collage image of the party, similar to my last post of the dining room. What do you think? Any volunteers? I would love to have about 5 or 6, but the more the merrier, and you will be credited for your photo. That way, we can all have a party together! Comment or email me if interested.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Bringing the Outside In

photo by cassia (her etsy here)

Love dining al fresco, cupcakes and jams? Well then you will love today's post!

Anna, of Life More Abundant took a large wooden picnic table and put it in her dining room. The simple breezy white table cloth and curtains, earthy blue paint and simple vase of charming flowers makes a peaceful place to dine with the family. Love the lighting. I think it's just perfect!


Do you think a picnic table would be too casual for you? Well, think again. A classy chandelier, change of drapes and flowers would transform the room in an instant. The simple and unique design (and not having to push chairs around to clean the floors) can be used in many ways to work for anyone!


Here, I added some elegant themes in black and yellow.
(black chandelier, modern placemat, mirror & butterfly frame)


For a more colorful and shabby chic look. (orange vintage mirror, turquoise chandelier, shabby table linens)

All and all, I love what she did with it, and now we can see how versatile a picnic table can be!

By the way, I love featuring beautiful designer homes, but I would really love to feature original designs that haven't been shared before! If you have a space you would love for me to feature, or give some design ideas on, just email me the photos and your thoughts and I'll get to work!

For more crafty and design ideas, head on over to Kimba's diy day linky party and check out all the amazing makeovers!

Anna has also begun selling her homemade treats at Fresh Batch Jams and Fresh Batch Cupcakes! Go visit her shops and leave with a treat.




Sunday, August 23, 2009

Adventures Online


I am currently undertaking two new adventures that I am oh, so happy about.

The first, is my new family blog. As Little Lovables expands, it's time to create a distinct space for me to gather my mommyhood rants and relishes, family adventures, and such. It's called, Oh, Those Aarons! and I hope you come by to visit.

My second adventure, concerns Etsy (of course). I have been playing around for a while with graphic design and have been having so much fun with it! I still have a lot to learn, but with my new Little Lovables shop graphics kits, I am offering them at very low prices for people just starting out, but who still wants to get something a little bit funky and glamorous! What do you think of them? What themes/colors are you looking for in a banner?


As a seller mentor, one thing I always think of when I first come across a shop is their banner. I have heard it said, that if a seller can't put up a clean looking presentable banner, than their products/customer service can't be that great. Now, I know this isn't true for many of us, but I can see how a first impression of the shop is determined by the first thing the {potential} customer sees, your banner and avatar.

I will also compile a huge mentor list of advice soon, so if you have any questions (don't be afraid to ask, I've probably already heard it!) then let me know and I will try and address each one.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Parasol Magazine

The wonderful Yasmine of A Print a Day has outdone herself with another online magazine. Past issues of her amazing mags are here. This issue's theme is Fairy Tales & Mist, based in tea-stained cream, reds and navy blues with polka dots, roses and gingham. (ps, my shop, Jeweled Ambrosia has a little 3 page interview with photos too, so check it out!) Yasmine describes it best:

"I'm super pleased to announce the debut of Parasol•Craft! It's an online/pdf magazine dedicated to Handmade, Inspiration and lots of Downloads. It's a spin-off of Parasol Magazine in that Craft is the primary focus and the objective is to promote and inspire creativity."

The magazine is 111 pages and includes the following:
Featured crafters, artists and photographers
Desktop Design Tutorial: Make an Illustrator Brush--with downloadable vector files to practice on
Make Your Own Snow White & Rose Red Dolls--with tutorial and downloadable templates
Digital/Hybrid Scrapbook Kit:
3 12"x12" papers
2 Note pads
1 Scalloped journaling block
1 Fancy roses journaling block
1 Framed journaling block
1 Rose icon
2 Heart ribbons
2 Fancy borders
4 Sets of Embroidery Templates
And other features and resources!

There is also a GIVEAWAY! To make the dolls in the tutorial, you will need some these components:
12 Heat transfer papers
1 Yard of red grosgrain ribbon
1 Yard of cream grosgrain ribbon
1 Yard of cream fabric
15 Patterned tags to match

Download all 111 pages + all files mentioned above for only $2.50 (what a steal for all the work she has put into this) You can purchase it right HERE! Be sure to leave your email address in the checkout so she can email you the mag within 24 hours of payment."

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this issue, I can't wait to see the next one!

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