Saturday, March 8, 2008

My First Plushie Sold!!

I'm so excited! I had tons of pink fur scraps left over from my puppets, and I just couldn't throw them away... so I made a little plushie out of them. I have only listed the two so far, an orange armless Hammie, and my pretty pink Cecily.

Cecily has been adopted into a new home! I am definately going to have to make more of these plushies because they are so fun to create. I will have to say goodbye to her now! She is shown pictured here with her little pig friend from Bubbletime.

Also, my mom and I packed up the kiddos and went to a high school craft fair. We were planning on doing this one, but decided against it due to hectic schedules. Oh my goodness, there were only about 12 venders there! Twelve! I wonder if it was because of Spring (as usually Fall ones are pretty decent around here), or if this particular school just doesn't get much publicity.

I felt really bad about it (I'm the type that can pity buy just to make a slow booth's day), but I told everyone who sold handmade goods about Etsy, and gave them my card so that they could check it out. I came out of there with a lovely handmade apple cinnamon scented candle from Cattle Ranch Candles (click on pic for contact email). I set it up with my great-grandmother's lovely lamb figurine and some sweet Texas tulips.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on selling your first plushie.
Enjoyed the crayon tutorial too!

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Thank you for visiting my blog:-) I like the fact you love the space;-) Hopefully I will add some more interior stuff. Congratulations with your first sold! I am really happy for you:-) I am quite new to the blog & ETSY. I liked your questionaire and link to ETSY with your amazing handmade creature. How did you put those in, may I ask?

Have a lovely Sunday
Renata - missbubbles

Anonymous said...

I love your blog how do you do the text wrapping? It looks awesome

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