Sunday, March 16, 2008


Winterberry Creek

Our little community had a little egg hunt for the youth this weekend. Last year, my son was a bit too young to have much fun, but this year, he had a blast! There was even a little petting zoo.

I have such mixed feelings about these things. I think it's important to let kids (and grown-ups) experiance the little animals, but no one can be sure how humane these little critters are treated, and how much stress these animals go through. I can't even tell you how many times I saw kids (even older ones) mistreat the animals. One boy, about 10 years old, even ripped a nursing kid from the momma goat and proceeded to "milk" her with his hand, while the baby goat cried. The baby goat was waaay too young to be there, it cried the whole time. :(

For example, aren't these little chicks so adorable!? But, at the same time, knowing they have been dyed puts an icky feeling in my stomach.

I think places like this put people (grown-ups) on edge. I was next in line to go in the petting zoo, and of course about 10 kids rushed in front of me (the parents allowed it) when another mom asked, "Are you in line?" I told her I was, but people had cut in front... and then she smartly replied "Well, I'm not an idiot."

blank stare... umm okay, I had no clue why she said that to me. And a minute later, when I was going into the place (very tight squeeze), my stroller wheel got caught on a haybale edge. I was backing it up a bit to straighten it out, when another woman, pushed me away GRABBED my stroller from me, and started to push it. I said "Woah!"... and took back the handles again. At my reaction, the woman, her friend and the previous "idiot" woman, started yelling at me saying "Hey lady, no need to be rude!"

Oh my gosh, that woman who grabbed my stroller is lucky my black belt instincts didn't react, otherwise I just might have punched her in the face. I mean, who takes another woman's children away, and expect the mom to be fine with it? I, obviously, said nothing to these insane people (of course I heavily rolled my eyes and huffed).

What would you have done? I think I reacted rather mildly. Anyways, there will be more Easter talk later. For now, I shall leave you with more Easter crafty goodness!

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Crafty Mama said...

I always feel sorry for the animals, too. Fortunately all of my kids are timid, so they aren't interested in petting zoos.

Andrea said...

I would have to say you were a lot nices than I would have been. i am come on lady who do you think you are grabing someones stroller?!?!

Just A Stay At Home Mom said...

YIKES!! sounds like a lot of crazies out there!!

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