Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Farewell Black Ships

Every now and then I get kind of sad when something of mine sales. I get soooo happy that someone wanted to pay for one of my creations when they could have gotten one of sooo many others, but I miss my little creations!

This morning, I shipped off 3 of my favorite necklaces, and well, I just sold I think my absolute favorite. I think I have the materials to make one more... do I sale it, or keep it? Oh what to do...

Here are some other related items to take my mind off the pain :)

Lapomme Plushie

Tiddlywinks Pirate Bear

Liz Amend OOAK Fantasy Fairy (I can't wait to own one of her darlings).

In other news, I bid on a Blythe doll on Ebay last night. I probably won't get it, but I want it sooo bad! You'll see why.... very soon! Sooo, if anyone has a Blythe they would like to sell, OR chandeler prisms, or, really anything funky like skeleton keys and such... give me a hollar! And o, I didn't bid on this one... are you kidding me, it's awesome, but hello, I'm broke! It's revamped by Rogue Dolls, she's a beauty and just sold for a pretty penny.


La Pomme said...

The Pirate Bear is really cute! And thank you for featuring my sailboat. I hope you've gotten over your sale already :)

A Punkin Card Company said...

I am glad I could help :P

Jane said...

Damn! I love that necklace, I would be thinking about keeping the last one too. :D

Crafty Mama said...

I love that Pirate Bear!

P.S. You've been tagged. Visit my blog for more info!

Little Lovables said...

Oh NO! :)

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