Thursday, February 28, 2008

Customer Appreciation Pics!

I do a lot of custom orders for tutus and such... so usually my customer appreciation picture I leave in the feedback is a picture of their finished item.


But since I have been selling more of my premade goodies, I decided I needed a good fixture for the pic. It's my kiddo on Halloween as Mr.T !!


The package of stars I bought for his costume inspired this Fashion Police brooch :)


TexasTesla said...

OMG - the fashion police brooch! That's so funny. If you make one that actually has "fashion police" on it...I might have to buy it for my fashionista friend Emily! :-)

Little Lovables said...

I could soo totally do that :)

Tizzalicious said...

The fashion police brooch is absolutely fantastic!

Hey Harriet said...

I agree, the fashion police brooch is super cool. I also love your "kiddo Mr.T" photo! That's so cute :)

Sylvia C. said...

Cute blog!

I adore etsy, too.

Your little Mr. T is too funny! I had to show my hubby!

Sylvia C.

Nicole Solo said...

omg Mr T is so cute!!

Michele Maule said...

OMG that "kiddo Mt. T" photo made my day! LOL!

tabitha said...

what a cool kid

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