Sunday, January 18, 2009

Valentine's Day Decorating, Jewelry, Cookies and Crafts

valentines day craft decoration decorating pink hearts

Here is my little Valentine tutorial. I really wanted a more expensive topiary, but then I would of only had one, so I bought the supplies and made a whole set up for my faux mantle/decorating shelf. I kept it simple this time (for the boys) and I hope you like it b/c I know I do! I painted a wooden frame a creme color and added a pink flower and green vines. My candleabra project is HERE.

valentines day craft supplies for decoration vaalentine
The hearts I just wound together, tied a bow and stuck it in foam and hot glued it to the bottom of my mom's vintage ice cream dishes. (The glue will peel right off when I need it b/c I used low temp glue). The foam heart I just used a pretty sage scrapbook paper, black marker for the words, glue, glitter, lace and a bow.

Isaac is turning into "a big boy", when people ask him his name, he says "I Isaac, big boy". And he loves to announce "I did it!" So, he helped me sprinkle glitter and arrange the hearts on this project. He has also been helping me cook, which has been nice, as it gets him excited to eat those veggies that he helped prepare. Here they are taking a cookie break!

Speaking of cookies, did you know that Etsy has a plants and edibles category? It's true. So, if you want to spend some dough (get it?) on some boutique cookies for your sweetheart (or yourself), check some of these out:

sugar cookie heart valentine

vintage valentine sugar cookie hearts

xoxo sprinkles frosting valentines day sugar cookies pink red

red love polymer clay unique valentine day jewelry ring

I am an Etsy seller mentor, helping other sellers set up their shops and such, and I met this lovely seller, Stacey of CreaShines. She makes unique and wonderful polymer clay jewelry and I just can't figure out why her shop hasn't taken off yet! So, I am doing my second artist bio, b/c really she's awesome and her stuff rocks for Valentines goodies, and even some non holiday jewelry too. I really had a hard time deciding which pieces to show you, so go and get you some!

"My name is Stacey Hines.

I was active duty military in the Navy as a photojournalist for over 4 years. I now attend art school at Ringling College of Art in Florida where I am majoring in photography. I'm learning the artistic side of photography to compliment my technical military knowledge of it.

xo valentines day pendant jewelry love white

When I'm not doing freelance photo shoots or working on school projects, I'm spending every moment of free time creating jewelry and accessories out of polymer clay! I then promote my items on the most amazing ecommerce website [for handmade/vintage goods]Etsy! My jewelry shop is CreaShines, but I am also working on my newest shop where I will be selling my photography at CreaShinesPhotos so please stay tuned!

white heart valentines day ring jewelry

The drive to be a designer is in my blood, my grandmother was a jewelry designer for over 35 years and I remember hanging out in her store when I was a kid, just staring at her beautiful fine diamond jewelry. My mother was also a photographer and I remember learning darkroom techniques as a kid and falling in love with it. Who knew that I would grow up and do the same things?"

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day!


PolymerClayTutor said...

Loved your profile on Stacey Hines! She sounds like a really neat lady and her stuff is super cool. I was admiring her photography before I read she was a professional. Photographing jewelry is a tricky thing and she does a beautiful job of it! I wish her huge success! ~Cindy Lietz

Little Lovables said...

She sure does an excellent job on her photos! I loved hearing her story and to find out she was a Navy photog. How neat is that?

Claire said...

Hi, Heartspace here, visiting your blog and leaving a comment. Here it is:
You have two little one and you get all this done every day? You rock!

Aloquin said...

I adore your blog! I just became a follower. Keep up the great work!!!

Jennifer Williams aka Blueskysunburn said...

Great profile for Stacey! Her work is great. I can't imagine she's not selling!

Spend some "dough". HA!

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