Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy Holidays!

I saw this gorgeous image on Poppytalk and it led me to a wonderful graphic designer, Rhonna Designs. How have I never seen her designs before? Anyways, she is having a giveaway for a huge collection of her designs (for personal use only). So read HERE to find out all about it and then visit her Etsy shop and get some goodies!!

It has been both busy and slow for our Christmas and New Year. It was absolutely lovely having lots of family visit. We met two new babies, Aeyla and Ashlyn and had new adventures. Playing games where we can laugh and visit, going to the movies and just talking while the boys play video games is just about how we roll. We also pretty much all got sick over the holiday break. Right now, we are all basket cases of stuffy noses and itchy coughs, but it will soon pass! So today, this will be a photo montage of the past week or so.

Isaac never really "got" the whole Santa thing before, but he totally did this year. It was so fun! We stayed up late wrapping his presents and leaving a few unopened under the tree with bows on them. Those were the Santa gifts.

I never did bake any holiday treats. I was planning on it, but figured friends and family would rather not get my cough cooties so I refrained. But before I got sick, I did some face painting for my sister, Pookie the Clown at a birthday party. Aren't we cute? See pics here (totally random, I know)!

We also took Isaac mini golfing for the first time. He even made a hole in one (with David's help on the first hole) and he made 2 hole in two shots on his own. The other's took some time, but he did really well and had a blast!

He loved riding the motorcycle arcade game. We also all pitched in and got Isaac a train set. He absolutely loves it and never gets bored with it. We will be getting him some track add ons for his birthday, b/c he likes to build the track up with blocks to make hills.

We had a Twilight Christmas. I got David this Twilight keychain, and it is awesome, and he loves it. David got me the Twilight movie companion book and the Lion and Lamb ring set, and we got some family the movie soundtrack, which is a lot like the Romeo and Juliet soundtrack, revisited.

David got a basketball, which is nice, when we were dating we would skip out of lame-o singles ward church activities and shoot hoops in the gym, so it will be nice to do that again. We also really want to start going to the gym, so hopefully we can make that happen!

Caleb has been such a cutie pie. Doing his Ohh face more often and he is starting to babble so much. H is currently babbling "mamamamama ma ma maaa" just like that and "dadadada da da" just began about 2 days ago. He has his 4 front teeth and is a master climber!

For the non family down times, we stayed up all hours of the night and watched our Net Flicks "The Office" series. We are at the part where Jim has just been transferred back to Scranton and there is weirdness between him and Pam b/c he is "kinda" dating the Italian chick and Pam is single again. I have seen a couple episodes before (loved the British Office), but never followed the show, so watching it in order gives a new appreciation for it it all!

Jim Halpert by Amaloneyart -Holy Cow this artist is so amazing, he has the whole cast too!! I wonder if he does custom work?

Jim by Elloh she is amazing, such whimsical qualities to her work. She has does the British Office, LOST, Golden Girls and other fun stuff.

I debated putting this story on here, since it is special, but then I decided to share it anyways because it IS special and sometimes, stories like this can help others.

David and his man relatives were going to go camping, but they found out there is a burn ban right now, so they canceled it. David was distrought and decided to camp out in his parent's living room. More room on the bed for me!! Well, Isaac slept with me and I read him some from The Ensign (our church magazine of inspirational talks from the prophet/apostles other leaders and helpful articles). We then said our prayers and went to bed.

He looked at me and said "I see Angel, Mommy". He looked up a little above the corner our bed and said "Angel is white light." He told me he wanted to hug the Angel. It was a very peaceful and serene moment. I didn't want to ask questions to put ideas in his head, so we asked him the next morning. He told us it was a "boy angel, like Jesus" (grandpa perhaps?) and that he wanted to "hug the Angel, but couldn't" I know that the veil is thinner for children than adults, and it is so neat to see these things.

I loved it, when as new babies, I would hold my boys, and they would look past my head to look at a blank spot at the wall or ceiling, and they would get this bright glow and smile in their eyes and they would smile so huge for such a tiny creature, as if they were communicating with a heavenly being. The feeling in my heart tells me this is true, and I always imagine my dad standing there beside me.

For the Etsy/RubyLane/ArtFire/Lollishops or other online venue selling tip of the day, Timothy Adam Designs has an excellent post on social networking. Here it is so have at it!

And now I have to go, b/c Isaac found a mini pair of scissors and has chopped off large sections of Caleb's hair in the past couple of seconds while I was typing. Adios!


Chanda said...

Rhonna does have great stuff! Everytime I download something from TwoPeaseInABucket (great website if you don't already know) it always ends up being her designs. I never look for her stuff specifically, but am always drawn to it.

Anonymous said...

oooh that design is beautiful.
the clown face scared me (I'm scared of clowns)
and that Jim picture is awesome!!!!

I really should learn to sleep sometimes - it's really annoying!

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