Monday, January 26, 2009

Cross Promoting, Screenshots, Happy Day

popples blueberry muffin strawberry breakfast

Look what my husband made me. A warm, buttery, ginormous blueberry muffin with a strawberry and milk in my (new) favorite vintage Popple's cup. I got it from SplishySplashCrafts, she has cute handcarved stamps and lots of vintage goodies. I still have my white Popple by the way... do/did you have one? If you are needing some memories of 80's toys and such, check here. I will find Rainbow Bright, Strawberry Shortcake, My Little Ponies, Smurfs, Muppets...

Also, I was featured in two treasuries today! Thanks to the wonderful Etsy sellers, CreaShines and JanEleven.

etsy pink green jewelery vintage necklace
My Victorian Blush Flower Necklace

Do you know how to take a screenshot? Me neither. But I DO know how to copy and paste a link, and that is all you need to do to get a screenshot. It won't work on password protected sites (like bank accounts, convos...) but it is great for other things. Just click on the size you want after "thumbalizing is complete", right click the image and save it in your photos. Easy. Go and play with it at Thumbalizr. (In the past, I was able to crop these so the weird white background wasn't all huge, but the format has changed, so it will take me some figuring out, but at least I have them.)

**UPDATE** I learned how to do a screenshot. Here is how:
Screenshot info...
Position your page you wish to copy, then find the keyboard button for Print Scr (top row, right hand side) hit that key, then open up your programs and find Paint, open it...
Open Edit, click on Paste, next open your File tab and click on Save as (save as a jpg.) then put it in any file you want on your computer.

My Compass Ring

Now, a final word on Etsy selling. Have you ever considered cross promoting? I saw on the lovely Talula's site that she had cross promoted a matching item with another seller and vice versa. I thought that was a wonderful idea, so I contacted Miss Indie and suggested we do the same. Her mom, Beautiful Bridget joined in, and now we are cross promoting!

victorian blue cowl ethnic rhinestone earrings

My Tribal Goes to the Ball Earrings with Miss Indie's Old Manor Cowl

Here are some ideas for you:

How can you make this work for you? If you sell jewelery, then a bag, clothing or fiber accessories person would work well with you. If you sell soap, then a candle person would do well (like, if you love my vanilla soap, you will love these vanilla candles by...) If you make baked goods, then perhaps a lipgloss in a matching flavor (if you love my mint cookies, then you will love her mint lipgloss), if you make soap that looks like food, then maybe a seller of that food OR a polymer clay artist who make that food charms (if you love my bundt cake soap, then you wil love to eat this bundt cake OR you will love this bundt cake charm...) Anyways, those are some ideas for you. Sewn baby items can cross promote with baby nursery artists, mixed media and fine art can cross promote similar styles of others (like a painting/photo of an ocean lighthouse, can cross promote with someone who makes sea glass art.

I hope this gets everyone's head turning to think of people you may or may not know to cross promote with each other. Feel free to use one of my listings as an example to show to you who contact.

red rose heart necklace red green crochet hat beanie

My Garden Love Necklace with Beautiful Bridget's Miss Marple hat.


beadworkbyamanda said...

That's a great idea!

Times And Chimes said...

I had never heard of cross promoting! Neat idea! I don't know what would go with our stuff, though... thinking....

I am on a MAC so I use the Grab application to take a screenshot. On my old HP I think there was a button on my keyboard that was for taking shots.

Congrats on your wonderful breakfast, new vintage treasure, and treasury inclusions!

Little Lovables said...

There is a way to take screenshots with the button, you have to have your notepad open and blah blah, but it is just to long for me to remember!

I love your birdhouses by the way! I'll brainstorm and think of what they could be cross promoted with. Perhaps plants/seedlings/nesting type crafts?

Times And Chimes said...

Thanks! :)

I guess birdhouses are a little harder to cross promote. Maybe someone who sells trees... LOL! Actually Mudhutt, a pottery seller on Etsy, has purchased two birdhouses from us and she uses them in the backgrounds for her photos! So that makes me feel good!

Aisha said...

OOOH I love the cross-promoting idea! I'm going to hunt on Etsy and see if I can find stuff that would match mine!

Also, I wanted to share this link with you. I noticed that your Labels widget in your right sidebar was getting long...I don't have that many labels yet, and I think that it is a good idea, but I didn't like how the list was getting longer and I poked around online and I have changed it to a drop-down it is
it gives you all the instructions how to do it....let me know if you run into trouble! :)

Little Lovables said...

Aisha, you are wonderful, hugs!

I know I have been dreading that labels list, and trying to figure out what to do with it.

It's like you saw my need and sent a helping hand without me even asking. Thanks!!

Aisha said...

aww shucks! I am glad to help are ALWAYS helping me every little thing! This way you'll have so much more room for all your cute buttons and such!

RowanDevoe said...

Wow! There is so much WONDERFUL to look at and read here so I must sit down for a bit and take it all in! You are so talented and I love all your art. OK, while I am writing this, Mr. T Baby is looking at me-too funny!

Thanks for visiting my site! I will visit yours again for sure!
Take care!

Aloquin said...

Your husband, he totally rocks. You should tell him that (if you don't already) like, all the time. Trust me, I know... my husband equally rocks. :) He actually crafts WITH me... you can't beat that!

Anyway, wonderful idea about the cross promoting. Thank you for sharing. I'm going to share your blog post with my ACEtsy team, and maybe we can all do something.

Keep up with the great posts, I love reading your blog!

About Me said...

Great finds!

kae1crafts said...

Great blog and wonderful idea. I'm always interested in ways to cross promote and sharing info.

Little Lovables said...

Yes Aloquin, spread the word, I think cross promoting could be helpful to people!

I tell my hubby he is awesome, I will tell him right... now!

(he smiled :)

The Empty Envelope said...

Great post and interesting info!

PamperingBeki said...

YUMMY looking muffin!

Super cute treasuries!

And I do love to cross promote with people.

Anonymous said...
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