Tuesday, January 20, 2009


twilight jewelry handstamped bella edward jeweledambrosia jeweled ambrosia

And now for my beloved Twilight jewelry fans... here is a sneak peek at the jewelry pieces I JUST GOT IN and a peek at some of my new designs. There are plenty more coming, I am waiting for more supplies to arrive for a couple of brand new designs. I am bringing back my loaded charm bracelets in a couple of weeks too! Also, I know money is tight for a lot of you, so I will also have a less expensive line coming out as well. Visit my jewelry shop, JeweledAmbrosia for updates! My pieces in my previous post HERE have sold out, so I am trying to recreate many of them.

Bella Twilight Inspired Bracelet with Swarovski Crystal Heart
bella edward cullen jacob black twilght bracelet swarovski heart

Loaded Twilight Inspired Charm Bracelet
twilight charm bracelet bella edward jewelry

Handstamped Twilight Necklaces with Red and Topaz Vintage Jewels (click on photo for zoom view of the sayings on the charms)
Handstamped Twilight Inspired Necklaces Red Topaz Vintage Jewels

Alice and Jasper Inspired Necklace
alice cullen jasper hale twilight inspired jewelry

Alice and Jasper Inspired Necklace 2
alice jasper twilight inspired necklace

And here is a sneek peek of some non Twilight jewelry I will have coming up! I have some Valentine's day pieces that I will be listing in the next couple of days. If you look closely, you will see some amazing cloisonne goats and beads, Czech glass owls, a Holly Hobby cameo locket, sparkly chandiler and Czech glass flowers, more vintage Japanese flowers, charms, vintage rhinestone brooches, unicorns, pirates, and Alice in Wonderland... yay! Also, not pictured, I have some STEAMPUNK pieces in the works, I am so excited about those!

vintage jewlry cameo locket flower alice holly hobbie boho cloisonne

vintage jewlry cameo locket flower alice holly hobbie boho cloisonne rhinestone brooches


HelenesDreams.etsy.com said...

Thanks for the recommendations for romantic movies. I love Cinderella the best! What an adorable blog you have..and great jewelry too!

Sherry said...

they are lovely!!

zulaikha said...

wow!! your jewelry are soooo coool!! how do i buy them? and do you provide shipping service? cause i live all the way in malaysia!hope you'll reply!

Mary said...
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