Saturday, January 24, 2009

3 Years Ago, I had a Baby...

...and now he is this little man. He helped daddy mix the cake batter today, and sang the Bill Cosby, Himself song "Daddy is great, making me chocolate cake...!"

robot birthday party ideas craft

We did a Robot party. The robot I made with the colander hat was a hit, I think we will move it to Isaac's room for a while.

We then did the "robot" to Beastie Boys Intergalactic (chorus part), and paused the music and everyone had to freeze. We let the kids watch a you tube robot dancing video so they could pick up some moves and they started groovin. Then, our downstairs neighbors started banging on the ceiling. Now, come on, we weren't THAT loud?!?!

pin the nose on the robot birthday party game

We moved on to something quieter, b/c we are good neighbors. I made a robot poster, and the kiddos played "pin the nose on the robot" it was a red "clown" nose, which is appropriate since my sis is a professional clown, Pookie the Clown.

chocolate robot birthday cake

The cake was fun, a robot, naturally. My cake skills seem to be diminishing, but that's okay by me. I did what I could with what I had. Wish I could apply those sentiments to other aspects of my life, (note to self, add to "to do list."

baby blue eyes chocolate cake

baby eating messy chocolate cake

Caleb, the climber extraordinaire, got a huge chunk of cake (I think it was the robot's right arm) and devoured it. He wasn't feeling well, so he mostly sucked it to pacify him. He made little nursing coos and sighs with occasional giggles until that chocolate puppy was gone. Oh those blue eyes!! Notice the first, clean pic when Caleb snuck the cake, to the last pic, where the gooey, globbery mess won the battle.

The night ended with sticky slap hands, and bean bags. We (even the adults) partook of games of excellent beanbag tossing into various targets and sticky hand games with balloons, and seeing who could hit the other in the face first. It was quite hilarious and fun for all. ps, my sis, Bumblebee Baby made the robot bean bags, they are so soft and cute!

victorian steampunk clock wings necklace jeweledambrosia jeweled ambrosia vintage

We had a good day. I was able to list tons of new jewelry in my shop, JeweledAmbrosia, (although the photos look yucky as I did a quick job on them this morning, so I will have to redo them) but at least the listings are up. I am excited to have my first Victorian inspired Steampunk necklace up!

I also attended an Etsy Fort Worth members meet up with my sis, BumblebeeBaby and mom, Pretty Nifty and exchanged thoughts on craft fairs and such. It was interesting and nice. We met at La Madelaine's and dined on their best ever tomato basil soup, perfect for the cool weather.

Those in attendance were: Tile Smile, Snuggle Junkie, The Paper Elephant, Flutter Bugg Creations, Blue Sky Sunburn and Good Scents.

Also, Funky Finds is hosting a spectacular Spring Fling Bazaar at the Will Rogers Memorial Center in Fort Worth Texas on Saturday, April 25 from 10 am - 6 pm. Funky Finds is a new little venue that has big dreams to support handmade artists, so check them out.

And one more thing... I found through Sea Dream Studio's blog (who made my JeweledAmbrosia shop banner) a cute blog called Gypsy Mermaid's blog which introduced me to the Easter Egg swap! And since I love swaps, but I don't do them very often, I signed up, so you should too! Details HERE on Viv's Whimsy.



The Empty Envelope said...

Gorgeous family!!! LOVE the robot and your steampunk necklace. It's *gorgeous*. Glad to be getting to 'know' you as well!!

Aloquin said...

Congrats! I'm so glad the party went off so well!!!

lyptis said...

Wow! what a party, sounds pretty breathtaking and sweet! the picture of ur youngest son is just gross tho;) looks like he is eating His arm!

Love ur jewellery piece!

Aisha said...

Happy birthday to Issac! Your robot party looked amazing! Personally, I think you did a great job on the cake...and it looked wonder Caleb wanted a piece! And i love love LOVE your new jewelry! Just stunning!

LB Accessories said...

Wow, it looks like your robot party was huge success! Love the messy face pic, it looks like he was really enjoying that cake :)

Meekiyu said...

adorable robot party! Sounds like you had a great time and so much to do. Your steampunk necklace is awesome! =D

Little Lovables said...

Thanks so much!

I thought the cake looked like a mix between the gumdrop guy and the chocolate goopy guy on Candyland (the 80's version) but the kids don't know the difference :)

dearprudence said...

I love your robot party! My little brother used to be obsessed with robots because his kindergarten teacher let them build one in his classroom. Such a cute idea!!

And haha at downstairs neighbors banging on the ceiling. We used to have super noisy neighbors that were always having band practice and OUR downstairs neighbor would bang on OUR ceiling assuming it was us. Oh well.

Thanks for your comment about my workspace! And I love that little deer too. It was a gift from my mother and it is so unique and sweet.

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