Friday, January 9, 2009

Spoil Me, Marie, and Shed a tear for Tragedy

queen elizabeth painting portrait meluseena lisa
Queen Elizabeth the 1st

I love all things royalty. I have a love affair with romantic tragedy, I think about Anne Boleyn and especially Marie Antoinette... it is a story of flair, extravagence, good times, heartbreak and tragedy. I have a feeling, that I will be coming out with a royalty jewelry line pretty soon, so stay tuned.

Now, I love classic portraits (even the depressing ones... can you believe that Marie Antionette had a portrait painted of her with all 4 of her children, and when her baby died, they painted the baby out of the picture, see HERE. The empty cradle is where the baby was laying!) I wonder how she and other tortured royals would feel knowing that they have become a kitsch icon to some?

I absolutely love the above painting of Queen Elizabeth the 1st and Josephine with her little Napolean, by Meluseena She is awesome because, she loves my Twilight jewelry, she is an amazing artist, she turns her art into paper dolls and jewelry, she has a gorgoeus blog, AND she is a fellow Lisa.

strangeling marie antoinette gothic masquerade art

This lovely painting is by Jasmine Becket-Griffith of Strangeling. Her work is featured on apparel and merchandise in popular retail stores, so you can purchase the prints directly from her. Her images have a fiendish cherubic presence, a little bit goth elegance, her Marie is lovely!

I also just discovered the amazingly talented UK artist Mark Satchwill (photos below). He specializes in portrait watercolors, namely Tudor and royalty, mythology (another one of my favorite topics) and fantasy figures. Absolutely gorgeous! You can see a demo of the steps he used to paint the original Young Marie Antoinette HERE! I love when artists let us peek into the development of the creations, as it shows us how detailed and talented they are to complete such a masterpiece.

young marie antionette painting mark satchwill
Young Marie Antionette

anne boleyn painting portrait mark satchwill
Anne Boleyn

mary queen of scots mark satchwill
Mary Queen of Scots


Lisa Falzon said...

:D Thanks so much for this feature! I also love historic tragedy... my next lady to paint will be Anne Boleyn!

Those new jewellery items are soooo awesome, I love that bracelet charm it's really clever :)

Little Lovables said...

Oh, I will be watching for the Anne Boleyn definately! Your gothic ethereal fairy is divine too.

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