Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Friend Like This, Elephant Sweeties

tea  party girl elephant drawing art nursery decor
Tea with Emma by Lindsay Art

felt elephant heart embellishments cute kawaii girl littlelovables
Felt Elephant Embellishments by (me!) Little Lovables

boutique plush blue baby elephant art doll toy cute
Pudding Blue Baby Elephant by Jenny Loves Benny

I wish I had a friend like this! Such a sweet blessing. I must say first though, that it has always been my life long dream to work in animal rescue and at a sanctuary of exotic wild or ocean animals!! More elephant cuteness HERE on Mayhem Arts.

For two more of my favorite inspirational animal videos, see my LINK HERE.

Elephant Painting video...

elephant nursery cartoon girl cute
Always by rkdsign88

i love you friend elephant rabbit greeting card
I Love You Friend by Sarah Jane Studios

girl elephant friends cartoon art drawing nursery decor ellablue
Ella and Matilda by EllaBlue

blue sky baby elephant illustration art indigo sky
Blu Sky by Indigo Rain

Also, this video of Dennis Quaid on the Ellen show is hilarious!


rkdsign88 said...

All the elephants here are so adorable. Your blog is lovely!
Thank you so much for posting mine.

Ooty said...

great post. I adore this animal!! they are so gentle within their size, and have the sweetest look in their eyes ever!!

Aloquin said...

Another great entry. I remember a story of elephants at the circus, and why they don't break the itty bitty chains they're on... it's because, as baby elephants, they pull and pull and can't break the chain. They simply don't realize that when they grow up, they now have the power to break the chains. All they know is their efforts were futile before, and so they no longer bother. I find that fascinating, and a glimpse into the human condition regarding many outlooks, too.

Little Lovables said...

Wow Aloquin, what a great insight, thanks so much for sharing!!

It is a pleasure to have your thought :)

Sara said...

Awe I love the stuffed elephant, thanks for becoming a follower,can`t wait to see more of you around the bloggosphere.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Serenity Dreamer said...

Hi! How are you?
I just stumbled on to your blog
searching for cute paints..
and I saw ur CUTE felt elephants!
How did u cut them? ;>>

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