Friday, February 6, 2009

Roughing It

wood dolls paint your own gemmielou
Wood doll family -check her shop for paint your own kits by gemmie lou

This week has been a little bit rough. My grandmother passed away, which is fine. She lived a very long life and has been suffering a bit from dementia and a weakened body. I have not seen her since my father's funeral about 6 years ago, boy she was a hoot. My great uncle was kidding around, trying to make us smile at the funeral and told everyone to show some leg for the family photo, and she lifted up her skirt and flashed some skin! She has been a widow for almost 30 years. Her husband, son (my dad) died of the same disease and her daughter also has the same disease. Leukemia. Her death wasn't so rough on me emotionally though. We have all been prepared for it and are happy that her body will be renewed and her spirit reunited with her ancestors.

My grandma, Myrtice with Jimmy Carter when she worked at the Moultrie, Georgia newspaper.

This week has been rough because of decisions. Lots and lots of decisions to make this week. Deciding to take a moral stand, deciding to sever relationships or play the bad guy, when you are really trying to be the good guy...

animal abuse bunny rabbit noses caged
Bunny Noses print by planBshop

adopt animal dog pet puppy mill
Don't Shop, Adopt pin my The Dog Coat Lady

One tiny example, I was shipping a package and I see a man stuffing a scared looking pit bull in the trunk of his car (pits get stolen A LOT around here). After much deliberation, I called the police. I knew the guy saw me, and I tried to be discreet, but don't know how successful I was. Puppy mills (read about the bust this week HERE), crooked cops (6th paragraph down) that have effected innocent people, and other stories of abuse, poverty, neglect, war, death, babies and financial crisis have gotten me down a bit.

vintage bible passage bookmark collage
Bible passage Bookmark by My Treasured Creations

A lot of challenges we face have little to do with monetary/concrete/physical things, but the kind of mental battles you know you have to decide on that may hurt or help a person, and hoping it will help them but knowing it will hurt them too.

love one another lds mormon world
Love One Another print by persimmon and pink

One thing I heard the other day, was a tv pastor type (which I don't usually listen to by the way!) was talking about how we get down on ourselves when we see others suffering. He said, "no matter how sick we make ourselves, it won't help them. No matter how poor we make ourselves, we won't help them". He went on to talk about how we shouldn't feel guilty about what we have (well, unless you are rich from dishonesty of course!) because others are suffering, but we can still find ways to help others.

love fairy angel art
Fairy Love Angel by bonne singer

I think, that weeks like this, I reflect back and am so grateful for what blessings I do have. Also, it seems that I find ways in which I could improve. Perhaps I haven't been turning to the Lord for help and seeking for guidance in the scriptures as much as I should have. I haven't been nurturing my testimony like I need to. But, soon it will be another week. Things will soon pass, hopefully for the better. Next week, may or may not be just as rough, but I will try to remember the things I can do to remain uplifted no matter the challenges.

Here is a quick little feature, since today's theme seems to be a bit on the religious side. I browsed through countless pages of religious art on Etsy, and got sad because so much of it was anti and kitch, so I went with these cute boards and baby Jesus pictures instead! TikaKids makes cute activity magnetic boards and crayon totes that are perfect for keeping your little ones entertained at church/doctor offices/car rides. She offers both religious and not religious themed puzzle magnets for her boards.

baby jesus children nativiy painting
For Unto Us a Child is Born by KotterKreations

baby jesus aceo pencil sketch
Baby Jesus ACEO by Katerina Art


susan said...

Thank you for posting about the my 'Love One Another' print!

Aloquin said...

Beautiful post, however sad. I love you! I am always grateful for opportunities to spread the love of God. You seem to need a pick me up. Please take a moment and check out this short but inspiring praise report on my blog:

God Bless!!!

Anonymous said...

sounds like you have been doing alot of reflecting. I have a tendency to get anxiety ridden with all that goes on. We live in a fallen world, but all things do work for good. And no matter what, I am exactly where I am supposed to be. keep inspiring!

aurora said...

thinking of you, sweet Girl! i am sorry that it has been a sobering time.
i read your father's day link and was so touched. your father was a great man. he was the first person to welcome us into the ward, and was always, ALWAYS positive and friendly. he had a great knowledge of the gospel and was full of love.

Little Lovables said...

thanks everyone :)

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for your sweet comment. :)
I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your grandmother.your family will be in my prayers.

Hyla said...

Very cute blog!

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