Monday, September 21, 2009

Upon Waking

princess and the pea -  Eugenio Recuenco

princess and the pea source?

When one so frequently dreams of such exotic and exciting themes as...

1. husband leaving frozen food on the counter all night and yelling at husband for you now having to throw away $16 of delicious snacks such as fish sticks, taquitos and tamales (which I stopped myself from doing this morning when I realized it was a dream)

2. you are on some kind of semi important task, and are late as usual, and you cannot find your purse, wallet, keys or shoes, and you have no time for a much needed shower

3. doing dishes and cursing the world that you keep forgetting to buy paper towels (which I ended up buying some yesterday)

4. realizing that your comforter is dirty and you need to bleach it so you can fold laundry on top of your bed (which the comforter is in the washer now, I might add)

5. your teeth falling out (a recurring nightmare of mine, which I sometimes think is real to the point of checking my teeth for lose ones and stressing about paying for the dental appointment)

6. going to work at a crappy job you quit 5 years ago and quitting all over again, but in different ways

7. nightmares about high school cheerleading

8. forgetting your locker combination at school, forgetting which locker is yours, freaking out that you are 10 years older than everyone and how much they must think you are a loser, but hoping you will blend in

9. can't remember if you have been skipping a class, realizing you have a major test but haven't shown up for class in months (an actual fear I have experienced)

10. your new rocketship is okay, but keeps breaking down and never really gets you away from those sort of bad guys chasing you

...then one may know that they are not totally sure about attending their 10 year high school reunion, they have a lack of adventure in their life and they need to get more quality sleep.

princess and the pea - source?

Could you imagine a fantasy novel written about the mundane tasks of the world, but in an exciting and earth shattering way?  Perhaps I shall pen this conquest of epic proportions.

Must... dust... shelf... 'else... civilization... will... end...

snow white - Eugenio Recuenco 

wizard of oz - source?

What totally boring and mundane and yet so seemingly real thus confusing-upon-waking dreams/nightmares do you happen to have?


Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

Lovely pictures and I so enjoyed hearing about your dreams, they are really facinating!

I rarely remember my dreams but after hearing yours I would love to know what I dream about...I think! Ha!

Have a blessed week!


rachel is a dreamer said...

i'd love to nap atop of all those lovely matresses. i am sure i would have the most magical dreams that high up. :)
peace & love.

vivian said...

I have the strangest dreams ever! And I dont believe that they ever make any sense. I dream of war planes flying over head... being chased by the incredible hulk... walking on a path that is suddenly under water and I have to stay on it and walk totally submerged in the water (I always wake up before I drown!).. open a door to a room only to find a room full of doors, opening another and finding another room full of doors and on and on and on.. never getting anywhere! I've dreamt about animals I had when I was a kid and thought that I had left them in the basement for months and forgotten them, and then go down to find them skin and bones but still alive!
I could go on and on.. I have lots of odd dreams!
good night.. sweet dreams!

Cindi said...

I enjoyed how your linked between your dreams with the princess and the pea! Very cute and cleaver!!

I as well have had similar reocurring dreams. In particular, while I was in college, all of my roomates and I were having the same dream of our teeth falling out. So one of my roomies went to the library and checked out a book on dreams. Interestingly it stated that loosing your teeth was symbolized by a change and a growing period in which you were about to leave one developmental state and heading into another and that you were frightened by the aspects of going into another life stage. Usually, I do not take stock in these sorts of things, but, we were all seniors in college and heading in our seperate directions. So, take it for what it is worth, but it definitely fit all of our situations.

I would be interested in knowing if you are going through a similar situation, if it is not to personal a question to ask!

Many Blessings Abide!!

Little Lovables said...

Oh no, I have read the sleep theories and the science behind dreams and especially the ones about the teeth, but that is one recurring one I have had for years, changes in my life or no.

Viv, those are some crazy dreams! I have had a few underwater ones as well and they are always quite interesting.

Anonymous said...

Hi ... I came across your blog yesterday, and I must say I quite like it!! :)

As for teeth falling out - I also have this dream recurringly! Someone once told me it was a sign of insecurity to have this dream often. Other theories (if you're interested) for why many of us dream that a lot are found here ...

Anne said...

Oh my Lisa, you had me cracking up! I've had very similar dreams! The teeth falling out one actually means something...I can't remember what, but I know it does. I went through a phase in college when I wanted to know what all my dreams meant and bought this huge dream interpretation book.

My re-occuring dreams are usually very scary or sad. I get them when I'm stressed. Usually it involves an inability to have a child (I've been having that one since I was 16 and now have two children but still have that dream?!?) or snakes! bleh!

Anyway, you've just reminded me that I seriously need to dust my furniture else I might have a horrific dream about it tonight ;)

Peebs And Roo said...

I've had the losing the teeth dream so many times, it's crazy! I also had a recurring nightmare when I was little. I dreamt I kept getting my finger caught in the outlet at my great-aunt's house. I never got electrocuted, but still, getting your finger caught can be traumatizing for a 6 year old! LOL!

The Boob Nazi said...

Why would you have nightmares about high school cheerleading??? Other than being back there with the same irritating captains....

emily said...

i have this one where i wake up and get totally ready for the day, you know, got dressed, teeth brushed, ect. then i wake up for real and have to do it all over again. :p ugh.

Jsac said...


The image that you're looking for a source for is by the wonderful English photographer Tim Walker. The photo is from a story called "England Dreaming" from UK Vogue.

Jsac said...

Sorry! Just noticed you wanted a source for the Dorothy image as well! The Tim Walker was the second image, and the Dorothy/last image is by Annie Leibovitz from a story in American Vogue. Here's a link to the rest of the images:

Hope this helps!

Little Lovables said...

thanks jsac! I thought those were the correct sources, but wasn't sure ;)

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