Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Inspiration not Insanitiation

I was going to do a way awesome frame wall. I was going to have lots of frames painted white, with a touch of distressing and it was going to be perfect. It was going to be incredible. And amazing. All I needed was the spray paint b/c I had all the awesome thrifted frames I went searching for over a period of a month in a pile, stacked up in a corner on my kitchen countertop.

That pile sat there for months. I had to dust the thing. Move it around so I could make pb&j samiches for the chitlens. The more I looked at that pile, the more I loathed it. My inspiration for something great was stressing me out. My husband wondering what that ugly pile of frames was doing there... and I couldn't answer him (though he technically never asked). "See honey, I am going to paint them and hang them up all neat like!" Yeah, no.

apartment therapy
apartment therapy
apartment therapy
"What was I thinking!" "I have a smallish patio, and no where to spray paint!" "How am I supposed to do this?" This small art project sat on the bottom of my weekly to do list for far too long.

So, yesterday, seeing them everyday getting overwhelmed at the thought of sanding/spray painting/distressing them while knowing I have way bigger things to do... I put them in a bag and brought them back to Goodwill. (okay, he husband brought the box load of stuff for me after work).

I kept 2 of the ovals picture frames, one of which I am painting white currently, but really, I feel better. Truly!


Sometimes, reading crafty and decorating and business and tutorial and cooking and beauty blogs... gets my stomach in knots as I see sooo many things I want, no need to do!

So, I am telling you, it is okay to x something (or more) off of your list. Skip a soccer practice (or a game), cancel dinner plans, don't finish that craft project (well, unless you sold it of course!)... just... breathe... and don't allow pretty pictures of projects entice you to do something you can't commit to right now.



Jackie said...

been there lots of times.Right now I am on overload because i signed up for too many art classes online:) The web is a wonderful place but it can be overload .lets just breathe..

rachel is a dreamer said...

oh i love your blog posts so much. theses are all such lovely photos. my fav is the one from domino with the mustard yellow frames and the cute little boston terrier. i love your story too i often do things like that too ive got piles of too do crafts all over the place. :)
peace & love!

Lisa Falzon said...

Awww such inspiring posts!

I am also very negligent about framing. Currently my pan drawer in the kitchen also hosts a bevy of frames that need to be adjusted then hung up... eeek! I am so bad at getting my act together with regards to details of home improvements!

Angela said...

So funny. Just tonight I was in Wal Mart picking things up for yet another project...when my latest project is in the floor of my craft room half finished.

My husband called me and asked where I was and what I was doing...I felt so guilty. I realized that I need to finish one thing before I start another.

Little Lovables said...

so glad we all have each other's support in this never ending, always starting craft obsession!

Gwen said...

First off...I love the sofa in the photo from Coup. Okay now back to your post. I get the same way. I held on to two perfectly clean canvas' for over two years. I had planned on doing a some art for my bedroom with chalk but in the end I threw some tape on it and had Ellie paint them yellow. They turned out fabulous since they were by her. So here's my thought. Have the kiddos do them. I know they are young but handprints work too. :) You could totally have a blast with this. Good luck and let us know how it turns out. XOXO

vivian said...

magazines can serve as inspiration but they can also breed discontentment!
I'll have to find a picture of my daughters frame wall to show you.. it is very simple but really cute!
good night!

Lenae May said...

Hahaha...I have to admit...after scanning through your inspiration for your lovely project..I would like to do that myself! It was contagious! I do know what you mean, entirely, about that project though. I buy frames ALL the time. I gravitate to them. My husband always asks me what I need another one of those for!..the only reply I can generally find is: just because. :)

from Margaret Pearl said...

Love this post. I've always been intimidated by frame walls -- afraid I will go overboard and also afraid to put the first nail in and just wing it from there. The one that stands out the most for me HAS to be the staircase shot-- I love the contrast of the stark white with black accents against that wall-- so lovely-- and that bathroom -- what an awesome idea -- a wallpaper collage. Thanks for sharing!!

Chanda said...

Ugh - you are so right! That is the worst thing about the blog world. Too much "inspiration". I have several piles of potential projects laying around. My daugther starts school tomorrow - I think it's time for some clean-out.

KnockKnocking said...

Oh haha, YES, I have SO been here right with you with the piles of dusty frames, I am holding out hoping to paint them soon!

xoxo Agnes

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

i really love using a lot of photos like this!

boatbaby said...

Something about that frame wallpaper calls out to me!

nuvonova said...

I completely agree, sometimes, when things take too long to materialize, and I have another idea, I will just cross it off (for the time being) ... but space is also an issue for me too!

Thanks for those great images, I love those initials on the wall... hmm...

Melissa Lundquist said...

Oh gosh, I don't know which one I would choose. they are all darling. I want to know which one you choose to do.

Nicomi "Nix" Turner said...

How neat! We did something similar to our wall with old frames. Kind of shrinks the space but its fun to look at :)

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