Friday, September 4, 2009

A Hair Story

What do you do, when it is midnight, you are thoroughly exhausted, you have a sink FULL of dishes and a bed full of 5 loads of laundry to fold so that you are contemplating camping out on the living room floor (which, you have done before)...?

Why, you highlight your hair, of course!! As a stylist, I kind of have this down. (visit here for some of my work)  There is a lot of bending, and twising, and turning, and super cramped arms, and the use of multiple mirrors is absolutely necessary (I use 3)... but it saves $100 or so and I can do it whenever I feel like it, though I don't do it nearly as often as I should... can you tell?

Another perk, is usually when I get my hair done in fancy salons, there is almost always tiger striping (when the color bleeds out of the foil around surrounding hairs, leaving ugly stripes of color). I don't know what is up with that, I can understand a rare instance of slippage, but every time!? It is easier for me to tiger stripe on my own hair since I can't really see what I am doing, and tension is really hard to control in the foils... but it is rare and hard to see when I do it, easy to fix and mask if I'm too lazy to fix it. Plus, I have complete control on how heavy I want the highlighting, which parts I want to leave out of the foil to add dimension and allow the color to grow out...

I was feeling the need to go dark, especially after I digitally darkened my hair in my last post, and the weather is cooling down (thank heavens), but I was out of the supplies to do it, so I just highlighted it instead. I love a little snow bunny hair when everyone else is going darker anyways. I plan on going in and adding some platinum pieces and lowlights similar to the photo below, but a girl can only do so much in one night, and I need to get more color.

ps... can you believe I sold these vintage safety steampunk glasses for $18 within two hours of listing them in the vintage section of my shop? Perhaps I priced them too low, even though I was so very tempted to keep them!?

 Do you like beauty posts? Would you like more? Eyebrow shaping, skin care, make-up application, hair styling, hair coloring, color and cutting trends, make-up and hair products tips... Let me know what interests you most.


the undomesticated wife said...

It looks great! Your natural color looks very similar to mine.

I'd love to be able to highlight my own hair (especially now that I'm out of a job and would like to save the $). But I can't. Is there any good all over color? I was thinking it may be easier for me to do that myself and then it would be easy to touch up my roots. I'm just afraid of having a gross outcome like I used to get back in high school. ;)

I don't think I've ever seen vintage safety goggles. Very cool!

kaia. said...

Great job with your hair! It looks good! =)

I love Beauty posts, and yes please please please write more about it!


aurora said...

Love the highlights!!

Bring on the beauty and glam posts. Pretty, pretty please!

b. said...

you did such a GREAT job and i looove beauty posts! more please! :)

Nettie said...

I am a do-it-yourself gal too. I have no training, but after seeing it done about a hundred times you get the jist. It does look great, I am always to scared to go blonde, It would be very obvious if I messed that up, but gently fading in different colors is a nice way for me to boost the contrast. I <3 your blog, and thanks for the tip with the witch hazel, I will definently have to try it on my next camping trip!

vivian said...

my hair is too light for highlights. I tried low lights once but it made my hair look gray instead of platinum.. or what ever the heck this color is!
yours looks wonderful! and I love you with those very awesome glasses on!

Aubree @ The Weathered Cottage said...

thats really cute! thanks for stopping by and your kind words yesterday :)

Ambrosia Girl Jenn said...

Love the lowlights!

emily said...

love the platinum/lowlights mixed hair. and i think more beauty posts would be good!

undomestic chica said...

Yes! Please keep the beauty posts coming!

Princess said...


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