Friday, September 18, 2009

Smokin Hot Eyes

I feel like dressing up and getting pretty. Being a stay at home mom of two feels like being detached from the world in a sense. My boys think I'm a beauty queen and all, but they also love to play with my post pregnancy belly rolls too. So, there ya go. Raise your hand if ya know what I mean.

I get out to grocery shop... mail orders once or twice a week... take the dog to go poo downstairs... go to church... and random visits or meetings every couple of weeks and that's about it.

Date night is always fun, because I get to dress up a bit. Put on 2 coats of mascara... on the bottom lashes! (4 on top, couldn't have it any other way). But today, I feel like changing my rut.

I promised you lovelies a good make-up tutorial, and so today, the start of a weekend is the perfect time! But I do get a bit lazy at times, so I found a really good tutorial for that lustrous smokey eye here at Design Mom. Guess what though. I am going to do it Friday morning! I'm crazy! I'll be doing laundry and dishes and wearing sweatpants and a messy pony tail, and I'll be up in my elbows in diapers... but dang it my eyes will look haute. Smokin'. I will have nude lips, to compliment my smokey eyes perfectly. Nude I tell you. I vow to not chew on them at ALL tomorrow, no siree, no chapped things to tarnish my smokin' hot smokey eyes. Just a good, lightly foundation-ed and natural gloss covered pouty thing. (hopefully they don't look like runny black eyes by the time the hubs gets home).

So, here is the smokey eye tutorial by Allison of petit elefant
~ whose eye is above, NOT mine, I swear (click on images for larger view)
*for the white color on your brow bone, I recommend Cover Girl Champange... explanation below.


Smokey eye not working for you? How do you know, you haven't tried it yet! Well, if not, you can try the more subdued, more everyday look that I usually wear (minus the undereye liner). Full tutorial here at Makeup Geek . And even more, MUCH more tutorials over at Youtube. Just see a pic that draws you in and check it out.

*ps... this is my all time favorite eyeshadow of the world. Covergirl Champagne. It hides little stray brows you missed plucking, or red marks from obsessive overpluckers (like me). On lazy (most) days, I usually sweep a soft blend from lashline right up to the eyebrow, then I add a bit more to the lid and right beneath the arch of the eyebrow, even dabbing a bit around the corner of your eye and below the lashline closest to your nose. Then follow up with 2 coats of black mascara. It's soft, light wash of shimmer, natural but manicured. Try it out.

And here I am, all ready to go check the mail, do some dishes and make quesadillas for lunch. Woo!



Tali Schiffer said...

Hey thanks for that! What a great post! I actually found myself browsing through tutorials on YouTube after reading your post :)
Hope the hubs like's your sexy smoky look ;)

Ooty said...

Thanks for that!! We are having our new year celebration tonight I should give it a try!!!

bodoba said...

That champagne is a lovely colour but seeing as I got my eyebrows waxed in may and haven't done anything to them since I doubt they'd cover my strays n grays. If I ever get a date night I'll definitely be trying this out.

The Rose Room said...

fabulous eyes darling! thanks for the tutorial, shall be giving it a whirl! Rachaelxo

The Wife of an Artist said...

I'm so glad you posted this. I've never known how to get that exact look. Excited to try it for a date night this weekend :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog too!

Tiffani said...

Great post! Trying this out for tonight, wish me luck!

Diary of a Young Designer said...

Wow, it looks lovely. I always wanted to try the smokey look but my eye shadow ended up being smeared all over my eye and I looked like I got punched, lol. So, I just ended up wearing eyeliner only.

The tutorial is sweet, thanks for sharing, I'm def trying it out.


undomestic chica said...

This is awesome! Thank you

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