Thursday, September 10, 2009

Finding Hope

This video, "Finding Hope," is about a man who lived through the 9-11 attack, and he describes his journey from tragedy and trauma to hope, healing, and renewal through Jesus Christ. It is a long video, but well worth the time as it allows us a moment of solace to consider the important things in life.

It is appropriate then, to share our little outing this week, as more family and education together time is a goal I am trying to accomplish for our little eternal unit of love and happiness. Our church's moms group called the local fire station to set up a tour. Call your station anytime to arrange a tour for your family or mom's group. The fire fighters feel this is very important, because little children tend to hide during fires, and especially from firemen when they are dressed up and their voices may sound scary through the breathing mask.

The fireman / paramedic dressed piece by piece in his gear for the kids to see he was a nice, regular guy. Isaac particularly took of "ocicer" Knox and followed his "new best friend" like a shadow. He never left his side until he came to the movie room, then Isaac scored the best seat in the fire house.


For some great fire and emergency preparedness safety information for families, visit the KnoWhat2Do website. There are a lot of resources and a free video to watch as well. This site is geared towards North Texas residents, but every state should have a guide for your particular region's known hazards. For more great resources, visit which even has lots of children's activities. It is always a perfect time for a safety family night. It is settling to know, that in case there is a fire, everyone knows where to meet, how to act, where the 72 hour kits are, knowledge is power. Knowledge is peace. In emergencies, you don't have time to think, only react... so having your mind and resources prepared can save a lot of heartache in the end.



~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Cute photos and loved the video.

vivian said...

somethings set wrong on my blogsite and videos and my playlist dont show for me.. I'm too computer stupid to figure out what it is.. but it sure is annoying!
anyways.. great idea to take the little ones to the firehouse!! so very important.
And.. you look like a barbie doll! what a cute family!

Silke said...

Wow, your whole family has the most gorgeous eyes! Wonderful photos!! :) Silke

rachel is a dreamer said...

that video was so wonderful. it gave he the chills. thank you for sharing. also it is really great that you went as a family to tour the fire dept. i remember going when i was little and it really is a great experiance. xo
peace & love.

Erin said...

What a fun blog you have here! And your kids are so cute.

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