Thursday, July 7, 2011

Personal Style: Stripes, Pencil Skirt and a Haircut

I love the loose, blousy, boxy, off the shoulder striped thing going on, but those styles don't seem to work on me, and the ones that do, are a little too pricey. So, I went for the blue and white classic vneck that I love, and this cute, pale gray pencil skirt. Earlier, I paired this top with some thrifted, jcrew, light linen city trousers, but I didn't get pics of that day. I guess I really like this top in light colored, unexpected pairings.

As for the haircut, I was giving length advice to another mom who asked, "Does anyone ever really regret cutting their hair?" As a hairstylist, I have seen grown women cry over getting 1/4th an inch cut off. Another woman chimed in, "My hairstylist said that if you spend 50% of the time with your hair in a ponytail, it's time for a new style."  Bingo, that did it for me, and besides, my ends were looking shot and needed to go. I went, grabbed some scissors and cut at my shortest layer for a completely straight and unlayered look. I added an angled bang and bam, was done. A few days went by and it felt heavy still though. I know I can layer my own hair, it has an odd texture and wave pattern that i trust with no one but myself... but I decided on a whim to walk into a salon and have some choppy layers added. I have a love/hate relationship with them now. You will find out why and see the new-new haircut in the next outfit post.

(yes, it was very windy while taking these pictures)

shirt: abercrombie
skirt: banana republic, thrifted
belt: calvin klein, thrifted
watch: fossil
shoes: thrifted
necklace: made by me


Kristina P. said...

Cute! I am loving the haircut!

Anna said...

So cute! I really like this styling for a striped shirt.

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