Friday, July 15, 2011

Inspired Interiors: Shabby Chic, Le Magnifique!

If you are looking for a style which is light, airy, feminine and bright, try a little shabbiness. Similar to cottage style, it has a softness which carries throughout furniture to textiles. We mostly all know this style, but it's easy to get lost in the images, so breaking it down will help one pick and choose elements to incorporate, if so inclined.

Painted floors

Painted white or pastel coloured floors with simple rugs can be not only inexpensive to implement, but add space and texture to the room.


Chintz style roses or prints are a must. Pink is always good, but if you want to tone down the femininity then you could use another chintz style in a blue hue.

Distressed style furniture

There is styled furniture available which means you don’t have to go to the trouble of painting and sanding a brand new reclining sofa, but of course if you wish to make the furniture to your own style then you could try this glazing technique yourself. It involves giving the furniture a distressed, battered look. You could paint the furniture in several light, pastel colours and sand the upper layer away in areas such as the corners, drawer fronts and around handles. Stick to white or very light colours to maintain the look. Other touches are roses and little flowers painted on areas of furniture.



Traditional types of fabric such as lace and chintz cotton fabrics are a hallmark of Shabby Chic. Use these as throws, tablecloths, cushions, curtains and blinds. Bunting is a wonderful touch; hang around the room, across walls.



Lighting usually consists of light chandelier type fittings. This contrasts with the relaxed air of the rest of the room but gives the design its inimitable style. It provides a little glitz and glamour amongst the relaxed softness.


Lots of decorative hearts in various styles are a common theme. They can be made from fabric, petal or painted wood and are usually hung on walls, door and furniture handles. They provide a little ornamental touch.



Walls are bright, light and soft. Pastel hues are common, although white is a firm favourite. For those who like wallpaper, rose wallpaper could give a touch of the country, but be careful not to use too much or the room may look old fashioned rather than stylised.

Shabby Chic is a timeless classic, and can be achieved with a minimum of fuss. For the creative it can become a project, decorating furniture and walls, but remember to keep it simple, relaxed is at the heart of this look.

*guest post text by Susan, courtesy of, a leading retailer of recreational seating.


Kristina P. said...

This is how you make white walls look awesome!

Little Lovables said...

sure is!

vivian said...

great pics! I'm always wanting to lighten everything up.. especially in the summer. I LOVE those last two kitchen shots.. delicious!
have a great weekend

Forever Young said...

I love these posts!!! They give me so many good ideas:)

Kimbo said...

I adore the rug in the second "painted floors" picture but can't find it on houzz. Any idea where it might be available??

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