Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Personal Style: Retro Secretary

This outfit is mostly thrifted. I was planning on cutting this top up to refashion with a dress, but I just love it too much to cut. The fabric has a lovely raised texture, yet it's so silky too. I am usually against pairing silky blouses with cotton type skirts, but I felt that with the addition of the silky sash from my last dress that it would somehow work. Perhaps the bow and mega ascot ruffle is too much, but I sort of like semi-ugly fashion, and I don't have any belts that fit with this skirt.

For my hair, I'm trying to make a teeny 2 inch ponytail look styled, b/c there is no way I'm flat-ironing every time I go out. I let sections air dry in a slight fingerwave style and used maybe 4 pr 5 bobby pins on my ponytail in the back to muss up into a messy micro bun. I pulled out random sections on the sides and back as well for a soft effect.

I'm a tad lucky that my hair has a natural wave pattern. To get a similar look, Blythe Hopes Vintage has an incredibly easy youtube tutorial on a simple finger wave. Hers is a very subtle and modern wearable finger wave style that would even translate nicely into a updo for longer hair. The finger waves we had to perfect in cosmetology school had very distinct ridges and wrapped all around the head, a style that is more appropriate for formal events and period styling.

Autumn Rose Earrings: made by me, Jeweled Ambrosia
Blouse: Ann Taylor Loft, thrifted
Skirt: H&M, thrifted
Sash: from a Forever 21 dress, thrifted
Shoes: faux snake print, Target

*Linked to Clothed  Much's, Rule Breaking Monday post.

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