Monday, July 18, 2011

Personal style: Gaudy Stripes on Stripes

This is officially my ugly "necklace". But, I kind of love it. It's so big and bold and ugly, that it kind of makes an outfit out of these non matching, baggy and ill fitting pieces. I found it at a thrift store along with two other huge brass vintage necklaces, and sometimes I wear them so much I have to tell myself not to touch them for a while.

While stripes on stripes are typically a no-no, I found the subtle pinstripes to be a nice contrast with the bold yellow and white horizontal movement. I think it would be even cuter had the top been a chevron pattern.

I'm doing a troll face here. I love these loose, pinstripe, seersucker-like pants, but they are crazy baggy, and don't really look pair well with anything I own. I'm thinking of cutting them off and making long shorts with with a lightly rolled hem. What do you think?

These shoes I got on clearance at Express the other day also don't really 'match'... but the denim color kind of goes with the pinstripes. But I adore them and they are so cute. Unfortunately, I continually stab myself and those around me with those ginormous rhinestones.

 *the overdone shoe shot. I don't think I have ever participated*

top: forever 21, thrifted
pants: american eagle
necklace: vintage, thrifted
shoes: express


Kerri HollyMuffin said...

Love it! Perfect for summer :)

Environments dreamers said...

Nice look!!!!
Besos, Victoria.

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